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American Redstart (male) (Setophaga ruticilla)
#songbirdsaturday  by +John Briggs 
This is part one of a two-parter. And it begins with me coming home from school and my husband complaining about a pair of birds, one black/red and the other white/yellow/gray harassing him in the gardens all day. They were always together. The black/red one I suspected was an American Restart warbler because when I am in the woods with the cats, they are very noisy and aggressive and difficult to see, let alone photograph. The white/yellow one? I had no idea. Then I came home from the store and there they were! And I knew immediately that the white one was the wife and the husband (black/orange) was protecting her. He always flies over her and around her and nearly dive bombed little Oliver the Cat this afternoon. So here he is, guarding his wife, who is down below . . . . (see the next post) . . . 
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He is, +Pat A Jordan! We've figured him out. The female is gathering and busy, so he makes all the racket to divert us from her. But we won't be fooled anymore! Of course, when she is on the nest, then we won't know where to look. :(
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