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Rivera Rustman
Two friends with a common goal of bringing more great music to the world!
Two friends with a common goal of bringing more great music to the world!


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It's us opening the Artist's In The Plus Music Festival broadcast live over the globe! Many thanks to +Artists In The Plus, +John Voshell, +Sara Corbin, and the rest of the Google+ online music community for supporting us and all the other musicians here!

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Please Listen and Like for a shot to play The Crossroads Festival
Thanks Google + for your Continued support.


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Here's just the music portion of Billy's show (+That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW)). One more bit of thanks to +Billy Wilson for editing this part for Google+. We had a great time last night!
Last Night's TSBW Musical Performance!

Here's last night performance by +Kirk Rustman & +Rivera Rustman for the 44th episode of my show +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW). They were spectacular! The show brings together Artists, Musicians, Personalities, & Photographers from around the world each Friday for a hangout! Johnny Rivera's website:

You can watch the entire 44th episode here: TSBW Variety Show #44: Fun & Live Music from Kirk & Rivera Rustman ! (On Air Hangout)


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Us performing live during +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW) last night. Good times!
+Rivera Rustman performance from our segment of +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW) last night. We really had a great time hanging with all of the special guests! Thanks once again to +Billy Wilson for the invite!

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Hey everyone, this is just a quick reminder that we will be performing on +That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW) tomorrow night at 7pm PST. Come watch the fun go down.
+That Show with Billy Wilson (TSBW) is one of the largest & longest running shows on G+. Each week I bring together some of the most interesting people you can find on G+ for a hangout! This week we are joined by Cook, Blogger, & Social Butterfly Extraordinaire +Stacy Frazer; Maker, Bad Photographer, Hack Writer, and Aspiring Polymath +Michael O'Reilly; Graphic Designer & Illustrator +Mike Searle; Musical Guest +Kirk Rustman & +Rivera Rustman !

The show will be embedded on this event where you can watch and chat with us and other people watching the show, the recording will be available immediately afterwards. You can get reminders about the show if you RVSP by saying you're "Going". +Tibby & I are excited!

You can watch previous episodes here:

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What a GREAT song and GREAT performance! 

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Rivera Rustman hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>James Olmos and nicki herbers

Hey Folks,

Rivera/Rustman is back! We'll be doing a Hangout concert this Wed at 10 am PST. Sure hope you all can join us!

Rivera/Rustman will be back in a big way at the start of January! So looking forward to our new hangouts with all the new friends we've made here. We're excited to get to play for all of you!

Hey everyone,

We got slammed with new G+ friends over the last couple days (VERY COOL). The downside is that we haven't had the time in our schedule to write everyone back that has written us in the last 48 hours. Believe me, we're trying VERY HARD to say hello to all that have written. If we happen to miss anyone please understand we didn't do it on purpose.

Hope all of you are having a GREAT day and talk to you all very soon!

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