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Gordon Highland
writer, musician, director
writer, musician, director

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My album was released last week. CD, download, streaming … everywhere. A one-man labor of love ready to burrow into your ear-holes and keep you humming and air-guitaring. G'head, no one's watching.

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Have a peek, then a listen.

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Coming soon. In the meantime, have a taste. #music

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Sixteen of +Solarcidal X.'s best stories anthologized in print, including one by me. Lots of talented writers in here for nine bucks at Amazon.

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Seeking reviewers for my new audiobook, Major Inversions. I've got some free Audible codes to give out in exchange. Email me through the web page linked. Thanks!

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At long last! Narrated by me, in character. If you like Californication, High Fidelity, etc., you'll dig this. iTunes, Audible, Amazon
(Promo copies available for reputable reviewers.) #writing #audiobook  

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A great sci-noir novel. Wanna see it realized in graphic form? They're passing the hat.
I know I've been battering this nugget about a wee bit (sorry!), but I'm rebooting my first novel 'Tobacco-stained Mountain Goat', which was a Book of the Month at +Chuck Palahniuk's The Cult in 2011.
This time I've decided to tackle it head-on as a graphic novel, for which I'm doing the artwork as well, and rejigging the story/dialogue plus inserting some plot extras.
And I'm actually rather over-excited about the thing.
To fund this (printing of a half-colour, full gloss 130+ page tome is pricey!) I've decided to test the waters of the +Kickstarter enigma, running a campaign till the end of May — if you're curious at all, just click the link (below), and any/all support or spreading word would be very much appreciated.

I grew up a huge comic book fan of artists Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, John Buscema and Barry Windsor-Smith, and more recently Frank Miller, Steve Epting, Matt Kyme, David Lloyd, Sean Phillips and David Aja — along with writers Eisner, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Rick Remender and Roy Thomas.
These influences have had their effect, even if I have .001% of the talent (shhh!).
Think "original" comic book art, slap-happy painting and inks along with wayward cut-ups, collage, a sense of humour, silly surreal moments, and "found art" trying desperately hard to reference Dada and Marcel Duchamp...

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My turn. Get some good words in you.
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