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Jennifer Amy Randolph
Wife. Mother. Runner. Wine. Coffee. Music.
Wife. Mother. Runner. Wine. Coffee. Music.

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The taking down of the trees...
This weekend, we will be finally stripping the house of signs of Christmas until
it all reappears in November. For the record, we did unplug the lights
outside, and we were NOT the last ones on the block to do so this year. The holidays are always fun aro...

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It's 2017 - now what?
It seems as if the new year's arrival brings about a nice time to make changes and set new goals. It would seem that I should be feeling inspired to set such goals and have a sort of plan for the coming year. ? I don't. I don't have a plan. I guess I'm kind...

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Finding that comfort zone
I do not want to eat outside of the parameters of Whole30. I almost don't know what to do
when faced with foods that are not W30 compliant. I continue to plan
meals and snacks that are compliant and really don't want to stray. I have found comfort in know...

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Whole30: Reintroduction
Coffeeeee! Let me just say that after 30 days without coffee, I was a super happy camper yesterday morning hearing my coffee maker brewing when I came down to the kitchen. Let me also say that I don't think my feet touched the ground for most of yesterday a...

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Whole30, day 30
Last day. November has felt at times like it was flying by, and at other times it felt like December may never come. For
breakfast today I'm enjoying green beans, asparagus, sweet potato, and two
eggs. For lunch I have leftover compliant sloppy joes, and ...

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A summary of my weekend's transgressions: Thanksgiving - one glass of wine, a splash of Bailey's in post-dinner coffee, a few bites of stuffing Saturday night - one glass of wine, some summer sausage Yesterday - a couple fries I am OK with these. Am I proud...

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To my daughter upon turning 12
Dear Ethel, Twelve years ago, you made me a Mommy. The last 12
years have gone by quickly at times, and I often wish I could hit a
pause button so I could enjoy some of those times for longer. As much as
I want it to sometimes, time doesn’t stop, and you...

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Day 21, Interlude day - nine.more.days....
There are nine days left in this Whole30. Nine.days.left. It feels odd to be saying that when all month long it's felt more like a month left every day. The end is near. It's almost bittersweet. I'm settling in to the point where I almost wonder how to eat ...
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