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BACnet Firewall Router
BACnet firewall router for traffic management functions for building automation and control networks.
BACnet firewall router for traffic management functions for building automation and control networks.

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After what probably seems like an Internet Lifetime, the BFR project has updated the documentation and poked around a little with the sample applications and build process.  The next step is to give it a real version number and improve the build process.  There also some interest in making a debian package, and making it easy to run as a daemon.

For everyone with this project in your circles, thank you for your interest and patience.  If you have any experience with debian packaging and/or upstart scripts, I would appreciate hearing from you!

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TIme to dig up the work study proposals and dig around for CS department contacts.  I'm still looking for someone to add the Network Security clause support to the BFR!

SourceForge Project Updated

I had received some email messages from the SourceForge folks about "upgrading" the project to their new platform.  After the last round of patches I decided to try it and see what happens.  The subversion checkout command has changed to the new location and they recommend developers get a fresh checkout:

svn checkout svn:// bfr-code

Notice that you'll only get the trunk, which will be fine after I update the documentation from the old hand coded HTML to Sphinx.

Thanks to a pointer by Steffen Wendzel, there was a bug in the Filter processing that didn't capture the NPCI function correctly.  This has been fixed, and I added some more sample/test files.  This is revision 20 in the trunk.

I just committed a code update, everything seems to build and run again! I've been bouncing bits of code back and forth between the BACnet and BFR directories trying to find the best fit between using the BACnet library by itself and using it in conjunction with the BFR. I think I've found a pretty good balance.

For some embedded systems projects and other daemon process cases I wanted to use the library by itself without the XML processing and factory pattern code. Now the BACnet library doesn't have any BFR classes in it (and if there are some friend relationships still in there I'll be adding some public APIs to keep the internal bits of stuff protected).

This is a pretty stable point, so I'll be working on documentation and more sample code pieces.

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I updated the project home page to include a link to the Trello board, mostly just to go through the process of updating something in the trunk and following through with a post to this stream.

A first post in the BFR stream! You can expect this to contain release announcements and good news about how this is helping #BACnet rule the world.
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