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those tricky quantum physicists

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Obama the Not-so-leftist
One thing that most conservatives and quite a few liberals agree on is that they thought that Obama was going to be a very left of center president. I have never for the life of me figured out how any rational person thought that since he had never shown an...

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On SaluteGate
Possibly the dumbest of the faux scandals thus far. And yes I do get to have an opinion even though I haven't served in the US military (note the emphasis). I know that we have 2 years yet to run in this presidency but I was thinking that this might just be...

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Guns Don't Kill People
I often hear it said that guns don't kill people. That is indeed true. Here are some things that do: Guns in the hands of certain types of mentally unbalanced people Guns in the hands of careless people Guns in the hands of evil people Guns in the hands of ...

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when can you hit your child with a switch - a guide for the perplexed
never. simple, huh?

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when can a man hit his spouse or girlfriend - a guide for the confused
never. see how easy that was?

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OK, So you hate Obama
A lot of my friends that are conservatives (yes, such folks exist) tell me that they can't stand Obama but whenever they are pressed to come up with something in particular they don't like it turns out to be:  something that is either just untrue (he is try...

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On Political Correctness
I have often heard it said by folks (usually ones that use PC as a pejorative) that politically correct speech is a club that is used to protect the delicate feelings of those that can't face the real world. I look at it differently. I think of it as simply...

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the ultimate, all encompassing post on sending troops to help out in Iraq

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Miles O'Brien and Neil deGrasse Tyson - Star Talk Radio
About as good as it gets
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