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I am sure this has been asked hundreds of times, but I'm fairly new here, so here goes.

Which is the best 0-level funnel for kicking off your first DCC campaign? I know there's one in the rulebook, but are there better choices?

Will there be a session this week?

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Barrowmaze campaign notebook 2.0 in progress. Dot grid paper is the best!

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Bag of Holding - a call for help

My players have fought their way far into the Barrowmaze, and last session they found a secret chest that holds, you guessed it - a bag of holding.

I really don't like these, they simplify logistics that I think are pretty fun (since I use the LotFP system, it's meaningful choice, not math city). At the same time, I don't want to fuck my players over; they fought long and hard for this.

So, please! Either something completely different, fun and useful, I could replace it with or a variant on Bag of Holding which makes it more interesting.

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I've been playing this game again, for the second time (this time on PC), and man this game is D&D!

It's not just its vanilla fantasy mixed with JRPG elements that makes it good, it's also the great level design and mix of overland travel and dungeon exploration. Also, lovely boss fights.

I've been pondering random treasure generation...

I suspect not many here use it? I do, at certain points, since I run a sandboxy hexcrawl and thus my players happen upon monster lairs and such. What's been bothering me about the system from the rulebook is the stacking of tables, and the probabilities. I'm simply wondering; have these really been play tested much?

Take the MIXED MAGIC tables. There are four of them, but moving onto the next is done only on a roll of 12; this means you will almost never use the fourth table (once per 46.656 Rolls, on average). Is this at all as intended? It holds items such as the "talisman", which hardly feels like an artifact to me.

I know there's a simple hack, and I'm working on it, but I'm considering if there's something there I've missed? There are a lot of probabilities involved in the treasure generation system, and some of them feel rather arbitrary.

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Some gorgeous stuff here! Maybe you all have seen this? Hat tip to +Jeremy Smith for pointing me towards it (G+ wouldn't let me share your post here for some reason).

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And finally the Hit Points expansion. This one gets pretty crunchy, which my players like, but you can easily use only the first half with "Wounds" to create a bit more of a resource management system with Hits.

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A simple system for item breakage without the need for additional die rolling.

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Thought I'd drop some of my Pits & Perils stuff in here to get the group started. Some of you have probably seen it before.
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