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Nicolas Laracuente
Archaeology, Bourbon, Heritage, Preservation
Archaeology, Bourbon, Heritage, Preservation

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Some cool work by LBL in Public Archaeology

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57. Woodford County Projects in the Bourbon Country Reader
The current issue of the Bourbon Country Reader features stories from Woodford County. Chuck Cowdery's article on Castle & Key is a great summary of the exciting things happening with the former Old Taylor Distillery near Millville. His article on Bourbon A...

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56. What can you do with a career in archaeology?
A few years ago I worked with Gwynn Henderson with the Kentucky Archaeology Survey on a project that involved interviewing archaeologists in different careers. The point was to illustrate the diversity in archaeology and that one could do much more than jus...

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55. #tbt Bourbon Archaeology Windshield Survey
Meet Mel Hawkins - Bourbon Distiller Toward the beginning of my research, my neighbor Sam, took me
on a survey of a holler near Lawrenceburg. His grandfather Mel Hawkins always
told him this was a good location for making whiskey. Sam was probably just

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54. Preserve America Stewards
The Jack Jouett House Historic Site was recently designated as a Preserve America Steward by the national A dvisory Council on Historic Preservation . The award is in recognition of the Jack Jouett Archaeology Project. The Preserve America Stewards program ...

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50. Bourbon Archaeology on Whiskey Wash
Maggie Kimberl went with me on our last visit to Jack's Distillery a few weeks ago. It was the first time that I've been able to visit the site since we completed our excavations last year. We needed to collect any flags that had been left while checking to...

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49. Jack Jouett Archaeology Project 2016
We are starting the 2016 excavation and survey effort this month to examine some distillery sites that are typically covered by vegetation. Check out  the Jack Jouett House website  to download the volunteer form you need to become a member of our team.  Pr...

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48. Southeastern Archaeology Conference 2015
This year's Southeastern Archaeology Conference is in Nashville. I think that you might still be able to get tickets for a BBQ buffet , an interesting whiskey selection, and some time to pick Mr. Whiskey Diggers' (Carl Shields) brain on the state of the mod...

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47. Labels - "Jack's Distillery"
For now I'll just refer to this as "Jack's Distillery" for simplicity. We'll get into why that is complicated later. As we got to know the landowners, we learned that the distillery site was occassionally used as an ATV playground. It is easy to see why. Re...

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46. Finding "Jack's Distillery"
Before 1820, distilling was not a luxury. Kentucky's highway were shoddy prompting early farmers to distill grain into alcohol to get their crops to market before they spoiled. As one of Kentucky's leading agriculturalist, Jack Jouett's interest extended in...
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