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Vince Celeste
Teacher by profession, a rider by passion.
Teacher by profession, a rider by passion.

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For my students in Media and Information Literacy Grade 11

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Only 4/10 #highered seniors feel prepared for careers, but #STEM programs increase their optimism

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Grade 11, take note....

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MIL for Grade 11 Midterm Project: Camera Grammar

A. Demonstrate the different "grammars" of camera according to what were discussed.
B. Look for subject.
C.Choose only one camera shoot.
D. Print the final image in a short-size photo paper, with 1" margin in all sides.
E. Draft a 1 paragraph explanation about your subject and the camera shoot chosen.
F. Work collaboratively with the team mates composed of at least 5 members.

Submission: August 30, 2016 during our class period.



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Welcome to my Google + Profile!

This will be my homepage related to my profession as a DepEd educator.

Gear up as one of the 21st century learner. Come and let's explore together! 
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