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What is Site Reliability Engineering at Google & why did we create it?

To find out, watch our next #askagoogler Hangout On Air tomorrow, Tuesday February 28 at 10:00am PST! Melissa and John from the SRE team will be talking all about the role and will take your questions as well.

Submit your questions on our Moderator page ( or in the Comments section below.

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In case you missed our Hangout On Air last week, the recording is now on YouTube. +John Collins, +Melissa Shearin and +Jeff Moore spoke about the origins of Site Reliability Engineering at Google, what SREs do on a day-to-day basis, and what we look for in job candidates.

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Site Reliability Engineers: the "world's most intense pit crew"

In today's blog post, Google Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) +Andrew Widdowson talks about his path to Google and what he does now as an SRE.

"SREs at Google are the software engineers responsible for ensuring that all of Google’s services are super reliable and super fast, all of the time......our work is like being a part of the world’s most intense pit crew. We change the tires of a race car as it’s going 100mph."

Think you've got what it takes? If you’re interested in applying for a Site Reliability Engineer position, please apply for our general Software Engineer position (, then indicate in your resume objective line that you’re interested in the SRE role.

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Internal mobility is one of the great ways that Googlers can develop and grow their careers. Ben Appleton from our Sydney office tells the +Research at Google blog about his recent transition from the Maps Software Engineering team to our Site Reliability Engineering group.

+Google Australia +Google Maps +Google Maps API 

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HOW TO FIND AMAZING PEOPLE ON GOOGLE+ USING +CircleCount (or interesting people from your country)

I’m sure some of you don’t want to follow celebrities on Google+ just because they’re popular, but you’re actually looking for people that share interesting things for you, or even interesting people from your country.

Starting today, +Daniel Sandstein and his +CircleCount provide us a very interesting tool that I like to call “Popularity Ranking Slider” . This helps us find not so popular people that actually share very engaging content.

It allows us to filter people by number of followers. Besically, we can choose to see people that get the most feedback (+1es, reshares & comments) and have a number of followers in a range that we choose, like I’ve looked for this post for interesting people under 1000 followers. You can go even further and filter these people by country to find local interesting g+ers and/or by gender depending on what you’re looking for.

So, here the link to it:
Play with the slider and then you can use this tool from +Jari Huomo to find their interesting posts:

Submit the posts that you like to +Best of Google+ (unOfficial) by email:

Looking for #IT  support techs in #Colorado , direct hire opportunity. 

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Google Students is hanging out with 4 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairTim Blakely, Atul Adya, Joanna Smith, and Arian Karbasi
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