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a girl on a journey of rediscovery
a girl on a journey of rediscovery

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Still trying to get the hang of Google+

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Life | The Moving Chronicles; From Florida to Texas II
So in my last update I still fairly new to doing research and picking a moving company. Well, I'm happy to report I picked one! I sent out emails mid last week to the companies I decided not to go with and most were understanding through one in particular d...

I feel like looking up moving company reviews is more like looking up a place where grown ass adults cry and bicker in all caps... like tell me WHY you're giving this place 1 star without the caps, please.

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Life | The Moving Chronicles; From Florida to Texas
I know I've moved from CA to FL twice and from FL to CA once. But that was before; before I had furniture and a cat. Despite how much I have accomplished and achieved and gotten done   on my own  for some reason when it comes to this move I feel... lost. I ...

In the process of merging +Hazel @ Readarella and Hazearella's YouTube accounts together... haven't decided if I'll do the same with the blogs.

The Instagram are definitely staying separate however and the Twitter accounts!

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Life | Hello May
[ credit: Google Images  ] Okay... I kinda failed  in terms of updating through April like I had planned  to. But it's okay, it happens. Life happens. I managed to do more in my life in April that I had been holding back on so I mean, every little accomplis...

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Life | Monthly Recap; March 2017
Looking back on my goals for  March , I can say I didn't really complete most of them. The month seemed to had just zipped passed me. I wonder if this is just a thing that happens when you older or nah. G O A L S   R E C A P --- I did find an apartment luck...

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Life | Hello April
In the month of March I posted 7 posts; which isn't bad . It's certainly more than usual but I feel like I can do a little better. It's my birthday month \o/ And we're halfway through the beginning of the year. This time of year kinda always sort of stresse...

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Food | Sub Zero Ice Cream
Scrolling through Instagram foodie's feeds can really make you hungry (I have one too @ herloveforfood , I need to revive that blog) and can help you stumble on some really cool places.  The idea of liquid nitrogen ice cream making in front of your face has...

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Life | Weekly Recap; March 19th - 25th
I usually only post weekly recaps on my personal blog but this week I had a few accomplishments I'm excited about! The weeks haven't been that exciting since I got back from Texas, the reason being that Bubba and I have a huge Disney World vacation coming u...
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