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Filed on : March 10 2015

Filed by :
Bill Goins
3896 Highway W
Poplar Bluff MO 63901

Filed against :
Direct Colors, Inc.
430 E 10th St.
Shawnee OK 74801

Complaint Description:
The coverage area was over estimated requiring material to be stretched to actually cover the area in question. On 2/3/15 we called Direct Colors inquiring about their products. We described the project we were doing and they described their offerings. We told them that our square foot was 850...they listed it as 800sf. We trusted their word and coverage areas described and ordered what they said we needed. We ordered stains labeled Cola 2 gal., Coffee 1 gal., Azure 1 gallon. We also ordered DCI sealer 2 gal. and 550 water-based polyurethane sealers 2 gallons. The products came with no directions so we went to their web site and printed our own copies. The stains were probably a preference thing but did NOT cover as stated. We ended up ordering two more Cola and one more Azure. While this is probably not acceptable we thought we could live with that. We were able to apply the DCI with no problems and had a little to spare. The problem came when we tried to use the 550 Water-based Polyurethane. The application section of the can states the product will cover 300sf of untreated floor and up to 500sf if previously treated. We were treating 850sf of untreated floor as they were told at purchase. Two cans @ 300sf will not even come close to covering this even once. The directions stated that the floor must be above 60 deg. at all times. We followed their directions to the T with the floor at 72 deg. at all times which is well within their guidelines. They stated in their directions that the product is self-leveling and should not be worked much at all. This means that the coat should be put on at a reasonable thickness with a roller and not rolled excessively as it is self-leveling. They stated that a quality 3/8" nap roller be used and dabbed with tape to minimize fuzz. We had two men running two quality 3/8" Purdy Rollers applying enough product to cover without excessive roller movement. We soon discovered that we did not have enough products and stretching the product would be required. This means excessive movement of the roller (exactly what they say not to do). We ended up with multiple streaks. It is not possible to stop once started since the produce has a working life of 1 hour meaning the product starts to thicken and this in itself will cause surface defects. I called their sales department and they said I could go over it again with the 550 product with a thin coat and this would probably take care of it but we must sand with 120 grit sand paper to help adhesion. So we bought another can of 550 @ $127, sanded the complete floor and applied the thin coat...AGAIN we ran out before we could complete. This time it reacted with an area causing serious streaks and white spots that required complete removal of the 550. We were able to get under the 550 epoxy and scrape it off in this area with putty knives. This is where we are currently at with this project, the scrapped area is still bare of the epoxy 550 sealer and there are streaks throughout the project. We called a different company Behr, and told them what happened but not telling them it was not their product. They immediately stated that two gallons would not be enough for this project and that they would be happy to send us three complimentary gallons to fix this mess. At that point I told them that it was not their product and understandably they said we need to call Direct Colors and tell them of the problem. When we called Direct Colors, after a few emails, we were told that the problem was application and was not their fault. We requested that they send us 3 gal. to cover the requested sf. At which they replied that they were not responsible and would not be sending anything to fix this problem. All we are asking is that they make this right by giving us 3 complimentary gallons of the 550 sealer to complete the total job, not half of it. They also need to train their employees on the application process since their coverage areas are greatly exaggerated on all the products we bought with the exception of the DCI Sealer.

Your Desired Resolution:
Their advertisement bills this project as easy for the home owner to do and if given the correct information from their sales team it would be, but not at the described surface application rates as stated by their sales team. We would have gladly bought additional stains as well as the (important) 550 Water Based Sealer if we were told it was necessary...But we weren't. Now we have a nicely stained floor with streaks everywhere due to trying to make the product cover the complete area. The floor has been sanded twice now and will require myself to pay additional labor fees. I have paid my laborer for two unnecessary days to sand and reapply and STILL we will have to go over this again for another day. This is all due to their calculations coming up short. The least they can do is send us (Three) gallons of the 550 Water Based Sealer at no cost. We have had to buy two additional bottles of Cola Stain and one bottle of Azure which we can live with. We also have already bought one additional gallon of 550 sealer at their direction only to find that direction made the problem worse because it wouldn't cover nearly what was required to fix the problem. What we cannot live with is buying three additional gallons of 550 Sealer to cover an area that the can says two will not cover. This is their mistake and has already cost us time effort excessive labor cost. Three additional cans of 550 Water Based Sealer paid for and shipped by Direct Colors is what we will accept.

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