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Pray For Japan - Remembering Japan Three Years Later
It has been three years since the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hit Japan where over 15,000 people perished and over 6,000 were injured according to the National Police Agency of Japan. As of today, over 2,600 people remain missing leaving loved ones ...

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Q&A| With Fly Girl Aisha Curry and the I’m Just Pretty Movement
If you haven’t heard of the I’m Just Pretty movement that is inspiring lives all across the globe I want to
introduce you to Aisha Curry, life coach, author, and fly girl. Read on to find
out why she is Fly with Purpose! Hi Aisha! FWP: Welcome back to Ameri...

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Curly Collection Japan カーリーコレクション
皆さんこんにちは。(Hello, everyone)! [Source]: Curly Collection Store  Have you shopped Curly Collection in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan or visit their  online store before? I was gifted this beautiful Curly Collection coin purse from my sweet friend Eri Sotome whom I met ...

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Valentine’s Day in Japan バレンタインデー.
Sorry ladies, I regret to inform you if you are living in
Japan and celebrating Valentines Day don’t be too upset if you do not receive
chocolate, roses, a diamond necklace, or those new heels and hand bag you have
been eyeing that you did not receive on Ch...

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Yoido Full Gospel Church; the World Biggest Christian Church
It isn't everyday you and your friends take a vacation to a foreign
country and plan to attend a church; however, after discovering Yoido Full
Gospel Church in S. Korea and it's massive congregation recorded to be at
approximately 1 million members how coul...

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Places You Should Visit in Myeondong, Seoul S. Korea
Thinking about visiting S.
Korea? I have the perfect city for you to sightsee, shop, eat, and get your
PRAISE ON… Myeondong , Seoul, S. Korea! The first week of December  I set flight on a journey
to Myeondong, Seoul's  fashion  and beauty district and tour...

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Konnichiwa こんにちは! Welcome to Flying with Purpose Airlines
Hi, It's me Jessenia Arias  ジェセニア, but please call me Jae  ジェイ   Thanks for flying with me through Japan. I am currently living in Nagano, Japan on a mission to inspire and reach souls for Christ by sharing my life and my testimony. Since everyone is always...

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Jae in Japan
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