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I believe that there are flowers everywhere, for those who look.
I believe that there are flowers everywhere, for those who look.

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Garage Dance Party Spectacular!
Following on the heels of my most recent posts (about our rainbow party) today I'll be showing you how we transformed our ordinary garage into a rainbow wonderland all ready for a dance party! Both kids and adults were captivated by this fun and easy to mak...

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Rainbow Party Favors; Goody Bags
Any time of yer is great for colorful rainbow themed parties. Usually, they seem to pop up closer to St. Patric’s Day. But, I’ve never been one to “follow the rules”. So, I say if you want to through a rainbow party, do so at anytime! When I first started s...

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DIY Hand Kites (Ribbon Ring)
It's that time of year again in my household: Birthday season! Luckily all 3 of my kids' birthdays are two weeks apart, so we are able to have one big celebration for everyone. This year I decided to go with a colorful "rainbow" theme. For the party favor b...

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DIY Playsilks
How to make your own playsilks! Since my kids were very little, playsilks (classic Waldorf toys) have been a big hit. They’ve functioned as everything from superhero capes, to playscapes and tent building supplies. I love that they are open ended, made from...

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Narwhal Natural; A Great Subscription Service!
Left to their own devices, my kids would probably chose to play on the computer all day long. But, that is not the childhood that I want for them. Screen time overload is not the hope and dream that I have for their days. Instead, I want them to love learni...

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Easy (Homemade) Canned Apple Pie Filling
This is the time of year for delicious ripe apples! They’ve soaked the last rays of summer sun. Now they wait for us in the trees, delicious, crunchy and sweet! We had such a great time with friends the other day when we went to a local farm to pick apples!...

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Just Add Color
I'm not sure what it is, there must be something in the air... but right now it seems like I'm seeing used patio furniture for sale all over the place! Be it via Facebook, Craigslist or thrift stores, my neighbors all seem to be purging their unwanted yard ...

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Backyard Labyrinth and Compass
Meditative, magical and mystical... the traditional labyrinth has always been fascinating to me. Often found on the floors of medieval cathedrals, this timeless design is both functional and beautiful.  Our last house had a very small outdoor space, so I de...

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How to Make a Daisy Chain
Spring is here (or near) and the daisies are blooming! Nothing says "childhood" like an inviting patch of green clovers, and delicate white flowers. The next time you come across these sweet signs of spring, try this simple craft. First, pick a batch of flo...

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Fresh Pasta Sauce For Lazy Cooks
The notion of traditional homemade pasta sauce is so romantic. Thinking about lovely red tomatoes, simmered for hours with fresh Italian spices, is simply delightful. Well, it would be delightful to eat... but (for me) not to make. Confession: I don't like ...
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