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What's the Backstory??
Marlenes Rodriguez December 3, 2013 What’s the
Backstory?           My exhibit What’s the Backstory?  Is based on how on how art objects ha ve a meaning and story behind them.  What motivated me to come up with this idea
was thinking about how music brings ...

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Extra Credit #1
Marlenes Rodriguez "Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary"  “Young girl eating a bird” (1927)
oil on canvas by Rene Magritte’s shows a young girl devouring a bird. This
painting I encountered caught my eye because of the action that is being
conveyed. The y...

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“Field Trip 3”.
Marlenes Rodriguez “ Design in Our Lives ” We are all surrounded by many objects that contribute to our daily routines and also objects that seem useless to us, lacking function. Low and high functionality refers to the study of ergonomic. Ergonomic is the ...

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"Illustrate a Story" "Project 3"
Harley Spiller What intrigued me from Harley Spiller's  story was how he enjoys collecting objects. He lives in a small apartment filled with millions of objects also known as his collections. Chinese menus are ones of the many objects part of his collectio...

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Field Trip 5
Marlenes Rodriguez                                           “ Chelsea Galleries Reaction”             Observing
all the works of art through the art galleries of Chelsea opened up my imagination and
thoughts. There are all types of art and a diversity of m...

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“Art and identity: The Museum of Modern Art”
Marlenes Rodriguez October 2,2013        “Art and identity: The Museum of Modern Art ”        In every work of art there is meaning and a
message behind the art work. An art piece can be viewed in many different ways
by a person’s perspective. An art work c...

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What is good/bad ART?
What is bad art? In my opinion bad art is something that has no meaning or creativity. In my eyes I might criticize a work of art as bad ho...
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