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Arcadia House Plans
House Plans Website located in Spokane Valley, WA
House Plans Website located in Spokane Valley, WA


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Now how cool is that!

Yesterday for our Kornerkingo Game prize we chose a gift certificate from Swanky Sweet Pea. It is a small company and my wife uses their products so we thought they might be a great prize.

E-mailed them for a gift certificate to send to our winner and told them what I had done. This morning they e-mailed me back saying they would just donate it. It may only 20 bucks but it is the mentality like this that should make them grow.

So here is a shout out for Swanky Sweet Pea. Check them out.

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Feeling a bit overwhelmed by social media right now . Trying to get started and not knowing all the rules/guidelines. Any tips???

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name 1011 Roy

Posted 16 new beach/coastal themed house plans to site today

Today has been busy day. Putting new house plansfrom a Canadian designer on to site. I then thought I better check other social media sites where we have our profile.

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Based on the snow we are having . Yesterday, I posted a blog about snow load on roofs check it out on our website
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