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#Voynich Volatile Portals: Final Measurement

Hamburg - Carl Lauenstein Gedenkplakette,9.969161&z=21
Stockholm - The Sisters,18.074491&z=21

Hamburg - Schiffsbug,9.967669&z=21
Stockholm - Katarina Skald,18.078564&z=21

Hamburg - Sudpfanne Brunnen,9.968863&z=21
Oslo - Torso,10.733586&z=21

Hamburg - Landungsbrücken,9.969934&z=21
Oslo - Stones Pillar,10.734282&z=21

Hamburg - Wandbild Hotel Hafen Hamburg,9.969867&z=21
Copenhagen - Main Statue of HC Ørsteds Park,12.567357&z=21

Hamburg - Wandbild Gesundheitszentrum,9.968619&z=21
Copenhagen - Anders Sandøe Ørsted,12.565835&z=21

Hamburg - Ditmar Koel-Statue,9.9714&z=21
Helsinki - Helsinki. Capping day (Vappu),24.950969&z=21

Hamburg - Ziehende Vögel und Kinder,9.971786&z=21
Helsinki - Carl-Gustav Lilius: Cordula,24.954273&z=21

Hamburg - Landungsbrücken,9.971106&z=21
St. Petersburg - Санкт-Петербург,30.308278&z=21

Hamburg - Übergroße Stühle,9.974981&z=21
St. Petersburg - Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky l,30.311638&z=21

Hamburg - Hans Hummel am Hafen,9.973589&z=21
Moscow - Monument to the Heroes of Plev,37.631038&z=20&pll=55.756655,37.631038

Hamburg - Horgony,9.972168&z=21
Moscow - Памятник Кириллу и Мефодию (Monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius),37.633879&z=21 

MD5: BC4E4F656EF3CF3C403F5A8CE6B42D66

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#Voynich Volatile Portals: Measurement 3

Hamburg - In Stahl,10.006817&z=21
Stockholm - Fatbursparken,18.068286&z=21 

Hamburg - Spiegelhaus,10.004171&z=21
Stockholm - Medborgarplatsen,18.071616&z=21

Hamburg - Innenbehoerde,10.00475&z=21
Oslo - The 1918 Monument,10.739077&z=21

Hamburg - Blick auf den Hauptbahnhof,10.00796&z=21
Oslo - Pillar of Blocks,10.739771&z=21

Hamburg - Statue,10.00217&z=21
Copenhagen - «Pie del púlpito» Iglesia de l,12.576257&z=21

Hamburg - Graffiti Art,10.00704&z=21 
Copenhagen - Grey Friars' Square,12.576081&z=21

Hamburg - Portal 1 Doorway,10.010652&z=21
Helsinki - Eino Leino,24.945108&z=21

Hamburg - Graffiti Im Münzviertel,10.009678&z=21
Helsinki - Havis Amanda statue,24.951807&z=21

Hamburg - Altstädter Hof,10.001431&z=21
St. Petersburg - Russia01,30.316429&z=21

Hamburg - Ida-Ehre-Platz,9.999442&z=21
St. Petersburg - ATLANT,30.319004&z=21

Hamburg - Danske Hus,10.000499&z=21
Moscow - Иван Федоров - первопечатник,37.623937&z=21

Hamburg - Chilehaus bei Tag,10.003339&z=21
Moscow - Moscow,37.619462&z=21 


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#Voynich Volatile Portals: Measurement 2

Hamburg - Hamburg Beluga,10.011255&z=21
Stockholm - Mariatorget,18.063129&z=21

Hamburg - Solar uhr,10.010759&z=21
Stockholm - Ivar Lo,18.061598&z=21

Hamburg - Kulturladen St. Georg,10.01858&z=21
Oslo - Iron Bird 1,10.732031&z=21

Hamburg - New Art,10.021749&z=21 
Oslo - Mother and Child,10.739201&z=21

Hamburg - Heidi Kabel,10.006839&z=21
Copenhagen - University of Copenhagen, CSS,12.571919&z=21

Hamburg - Hotelrückseite,10.009397&z=21
Copenhagen - Athena Finds an Egg,12.573497&z=21

Hamburg - Hamburg St. Georg, der Hansabr,10.012311&z=21
Helsinki - Edelfelt,24.942873&z=21

Hamburg - White Sculpture,10.015641&z=21
Helsinki - Tauben auf dem Kopf machen Sta,24.940615&z=21

Hamburg - Pythagoras,10.022452&z=21
St. Petersburg - Pushkin´s statue and Russian M,30.331599&z=21

Hamburg - Säule für den Lohmühlenpark,10.016791&z=21
St. Petersburg - музей,30.334263&z=21

Hamburg - Friendship Rock Statue,10.016262&z=21
Moscow - Defenders of Russia - Dmitriy,37.604395&z=21

Hamburg - Sankt Ansgar Eisenskulptur,10.013508&z=21
Moscow - Николай и Елена Рерихи,37.60335&z=21

MD5: 7527D47FE0E8F422EE269B666C1A2CA2

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Added photos to XM Anomaly: Operation Voynich, Hamburg.
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#Voynich  Volatile Portals: Measurement 1

Hamburg - Dammtor Bahnhof,9.989746&z=21
Stockholm - Bysistäppan,18.054888&z=21 

Hamburg - CCC Rocket,9.986722&z=21
Stockholm - At the Gates,18.054927&z=21 

Hamburg - Fernsehturm,9.982649&z=21
Oslo - Hans Egede,10.745165&z=21 

Hamburg - Sonnenuhr,9.984156&z=21 
Oslo - OBOS Sculpture,10.748299&z=21 

Hamburg - Gedenkstein,9.98067&z=21
Copenhagen - Hans Christian Anderson Statue,12.581598&z=21 

Hamburg - Hajek Statue at Hamburg Messe,9.981252&z=21
Copenhagen - Caroline Amalie,12.577994&z=21 

Hamburg - Johan van Valckenbrugh Brücke,9.986126&z=21
Helsinki - Elchstatue vor dem Luonnontiet,24.931421&z=21 

Hamburg - Mosaik Bodenkunst,9.983579&z=21
Helsinki - Enkeli-Demoni #3,24.930626&z=21

Hamburg - Planten und Blomen,9.98172&z=21
St. Petersburg - Monument of Yekateria II the Great,30.337055&z=21 

Hamburg - Planten un Blomen,9.980016&z=21
St. Petersburg - май,30.338267&z=21

Hamburg - Gute Medizin - Apothekergarten,9.97914&z=21
Moscow - Пушкин А.С.,37.587675&z=21 

Hamburg - Silberkugeln,9.977536&z=21 
Moscow - Burganov Museum Vase,37.59725&z=21 

MD5: 1DFBB023A30446B16A43572D2ABE6A8C

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The last video from the memory card +Hank Johnson arranged to be delivered to me.

I'm worried, I haven't heard from him since Cross Plains and #ingressdays .

He was supposed to bring his findings to me at #timezero  in  London, I hope he is safely able to do so... If not him, I hope he can find someone to help...

Hank, if you're reading this, watch your back and stay safe. Our work is only beginning...


#nianticproject  #ingress
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The third video from the memory card +Hank Johnson had delivered to me. I hear a voice in the distance near the end, I think it's possible that the people chasing after him might be Russian. If so, it's possible Visur agents are on his trail... +Niantic Project  recently released a document from Visur that shows they are deeply interested in the London anomaly.

I'd advise all agents and investigators at London to be on the lookout for Visur operatives.


#nianticproject   #ingress  
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Here's the second video from the memory card +Hank Johnson had arranged to be sent to me. 

He also discovered two additional letters, one from Jim Bowie and another from someone named Padre Apolonius, which talk more about the underground structure.


#nianticproject  #ingress
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This is the first of a few videos I got off a memory card. It was retrieved and sent to me through the help of a friend of +Hank Johnson's shortly after he dropped below the radar.

Don't want to say more to protect my source. I hope Hank’s OK...


File ID: N+nph/ndpbngyej/4

#nianticproject   #ingress  
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