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We have analyzed the results of the mission at document at UCSD.

Early Results:

- ADA attacked the Acolyte's compound
- OLW was not the target of the attack. He was given a warning 6 minutes before the attack to not be on site.
- The attackers targeted a cabin onsite at the compound, which the Enlightened defended with fanatical zeal.
- The attack was to confirm by ADA Roland Jarvis' body is in that cabin (which we have long suspected).
- Its believed the attack was an attempt to sever the bond between the Acolyte and Roland Jarvis; perhaps in order to weaken her.


+Yik Sheng Lee +H. Richard Loeb 

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It is a thing of beauty. Listen to Reddit's own musicians 24/7. 

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Some cool Radio Reddit stuff for charity. 

Just transitioned over to the new Radio Reddit server that we got from Internap. Finally we have the resources to handle everything that we want to do. 

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We're in the press. 

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radio reddit now has an all metal stream. Melting faces and rocking socks since 2011.

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Don't like radio reddit? Downvote it! It is important to remember that if you tune in to radio reddit and hear something that is awful, downvote it! Our stream automatically weeds out the things that listeners as a whole don't like, and rewards the songs that are loved by putting them into the rotation more.

If you don't like what you are hearing, you have the power to change it. radio reddit is where the listeners are in control.

"Holy crap..what are you talking about?"

Check out the link.
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