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This is one of our favorite Capri's. What do you think?
This 1986 Mercury Capri is a beast capable of making 1,270 rwhp. This crazy amount of power comes from 20 pounds of boost delivered to a 427ci Dart Block through a Vortech Ysi-Trim supercharger, Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum cylinder heads, a Carburetor Solutions Unlimited carburetor, and Hooker mufflers. - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine
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"Mustang" in disguise 
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65 Years of Shelbys Gather at 2015 Carroll Shelby Tribute

221+ Pictures:
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Lovely car, great photo 
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Do you have what it takes??? MM&FF is looking for twelve Mustangs to compete at the Battle at the Beach dyno shootout during this year's Mustang Week. To enter, click here:
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VIDEO: We drag test the S550 Mustang! 
View all photos of VIDEO: 2015 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Drag Test - How to Get the Most Performance Out of the S550 at Mustang 360
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VIDEO: Yesterday, we showed you the MMD by Foose S550 Mustang. Today, we give you an inside look at the man behind the build during a one on one Q&A session with Chip Foose. 
Who is Chip Foose? He's more than just a designer and TV star. Mustang 360 sits down with Foose in this interview. Watch it here!
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Exclusive: MMD by Foose will be given away. What would you do if you won this 810hp S550???
View 02 MMD By Foose 2015 Ford Mustang Burning Tires - Photo 118159841 from Chip Foose Builds an 810 Horsepower 2015 Mustang to Give Away
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Affordable used Mustang engines are everywhere. What would you get and what project would you drop them in? 
We'll show you 5 different engines you can buy for dirt cheap! Check out these deals for affordable pushrod and mod motors for your Mustang!
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Cool - upgrades on a budget - love it
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Achieve Professional Paint While Avoiding #Mustang-Specific Paint and Body Issues

Click Here:
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Oooh, look at this Mustang! cool in green and nice rims
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1,000+ horsepower to the wheels...where would you take this Terminator?
The LS7HNTR is a Terminator Cobra that doesn’t politely ask for respect; it grabs onlookers by the neck, roughs them up, and demands it.
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1000 reasons to love this Terminator.
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Is this Raven Black ’69 the finest restored #BossMustang 429 ever?

All 36 Pics, Click Here:
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Certainly up there on the list, I would say
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We're adding this first-gen Lightning to our wish list. Who else wants one? Full feature to come...
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Nice bad ass Ford F-150 Lightning - hot truck
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Complete NMRA Season Opener coverage can be seen here:
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From '65 - '78 Classic Mustangs to '60's and '70's Classic Fords, Modified Mustangs & Fords is a magazine that no Ford fan will want to miss. Within the glossy pages of each issue, if it’s Ford related you can be sure to find it. Whether its lightly modified or a full-blown Pro Touring effort, small or big block powered, or classic - make no mistake, it will be featured in Modified Mustangs & Fords, your number one source for Classic Ford Performance!