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Hannah West's posts Real talk, all. Acknowledging problematic material as such doesn't negate its other qualities. We can think that Peter Pan is heartwarming and BBAJ a raucous delight while we acknowledge that they totally throw an entire people under the bus for the sake of entertainment. Let's follow the advice of Meghan Randolph and do some research. BBAJ chooses not to be a conscious raising musical, but we can choose for it to be a conscious raising experience. If you go to BBAJ this weekend (which is legit because Ben is in it and it’s very good) please seek out links like the one below and share them with others.

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All female backing band! Super cool.

REI sale is happening this weekend! I was amazed how many down-free coats they have! Yay Primaloft! Also, if any of you are looking for vegan swing dancing shoes, I just spend the morning researching options, and they totally exist. Comment below if you want to know more. Happy Saturday!

Oh! And check out the great swag you can win from Big Buddha Handbags, Back to the Roots, Go Max Go Foods, The Herbivore Clothing Company, Nutiva, and Zevia on! You said you wanted some more raffle items from vegan companies, and we listened. We're so excited that some of you will get these fabulous prizes to enrich your already fabulous vegan lives. Interested in donating a raffle prize? Information is on the same page :) The Guardian writes an article about the ethical complications of quinoa directed at vegans. Because vegans are the only people who eat quinoa? Or because we're the only people who care about human suffering? Megan Rascal sums up the issues beautifully. One man has gone 30 days without food, another 45 days without food. Neither have been evaluated by a physician or allowed to see their families. If this makes you sick and sad and furious, contact the dept of corrections at the link above. :

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