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Grace Keogh
A creative person who is addicted to Adobe Creative Suite as well as real paper and scissors.....
A creative person who is addicted to Adobe Creative Suite as well as real paper and scissors.....
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Some great tips in this article regarding creating a positive Social Media presence for your business...

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Great article discussing the importance of having an online presence for your business - and that doesn't necessarily mean a website.  
If you'd like to discuss getting your biz online, feel free to get in touch with me :) 

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Looking forward to getting some enlightenment from Karen... 
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Life is like stepping onto a boat that is about to sail out to sea and sink. – Shunryu Suzuki.

If you knew that the boat moored before you had a high likelihood of sinking would you hop on board, or would you turn and walk away? Would you search out a more seaworthy vehicle, one that would help you reach your destination via safe and chartered waters? A sea going craft that would hold you firmly in its bow and carry you to your destination where you would arrive at a prescribed time – dry and proud in the knowledge that it wasn’t you that risked your life on that unseaworthy vessel.

Up until recently that would have been me.  I would look at the cracked paint, the splintered wood, the water already seeping through the worn planks at the base of the boat and I would turn and walk away. I would head straight towards the jetty of the nearest ferry, one that contained many others who were headed for a similar destination across the sea. I would join them not only in conversation, but also in the security of knowing that in good time we would be gliding high and dry above the depths, unlike those who chose to take the risk of sinking below.

But today I changed my mind.

Today I decided not to walk away from the boat, but to embrace it instead.

Today I dressed appropriately, collected my scuba gear, took hold of my oars and set out to see what I would see.

And I know it is going to be amazing.  Scary, probably, as I’ve only ever been scuba diving once and that was in pretty controlled situation and with my sister close by. But today I sail or sink under my own steam – well paddle actually.

Today I have decided to think about the beautiful creatures that I am highly likely to encounter on my voyage. Those of brilliant colours that are hidden from ‘safe sailors’ and are reserved for those who are willing to take the risk of getting wet.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen the dolphins and whales that jump out of the depths and frolic to the delight of those safely ensconced aboard the cruise ships and those creatures are also delightful, but from here on I am going to see what they and their friends get up to below the waves. Who knows, I may actually plunge deeper with them myself.

And that’s the fun bit, the not knowing; the ‘what- may-be’; the whole “Que sera” of what lies ahead. That is what makes life interesting, what gives it depth and character, and that is the life I have chosen to live.

And so again I ask you, “If you knew that the boat moored before you had a high likelihood of sinking would you hop on board?”  I hope I have made you consider the option, even if you insist on taking a life-jacket along for the ride, have faith – the swim will be worth it.

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