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Justin Leroy
E-commerce AdTech MarTech AdOps Technologist, Developer, Entrepreneur
E-commerce AdTech MarTech AdOps Technologist, Developer, Entrepreneur

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RDV avec +Ve Interactive au stand C035 du +Salon E-Commerce Paris le 12 au 14 Septembre 2016!

Venez échanger et découvrir la pointe de la technologie de publicité et marketing #programmatique !

Hope to see you there! :)

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Our latest acquisition: Optomaton welcome to the +Ve Interactive VeFamily.

" Optomaton is a digital advertising technology and services company working across all aspects of programmatic media buying with a particular focus on video. At Optomaton’s core is its proprietary video Demand Side Platform (“Volvelle”) —a tech stack built for the realities of video advertising on the European continent. "

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" [...] So Ford invited consumers to a New Years’ sales event at five dealerships in Denmark last winter, where an event team collected emails to input into the brand’s CRM record.

GroupM used the marketing platform Kitewheel to sync cookie data at the ad server level with Ford Denmark’s email list using an ID-matching tool called Live Audiences.

GroupM then used Kitewheel to create a handful of custom landing pages and Facebook ads with creative based on each consumer’s interests. [...]

“At this point, we don’t have pixel tracking all the way down to the dealer’s sales system yet, and that’s the KPI we really care about,” he said. “That integration [with Kitewheel and Ford’s CRM] will let us act even more on CRM data. [...] "


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" [...] marketers still need to err on the side of caution when buying and using data. It is important to know the red flags to look out for so you can identify them when they inevitably appear. [...]

The Value Of Third-Party Data Is Out Of Whack

Cross-Device Data Is Directionally Correct

Email Is Valuable

More Targeting Is Not Always Better Targeting

First-Party Data Is King, But You Can't Win With That Alone [...] "


#bigdata #adtech #targeting #tracking #martech #adops #datadriven #advertising

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" [...] Worldwide, brands will blow $99.3 billion on mobile advertising next year -- beating out the $97.4 billion they will drop on desktop ads -- according to Zenith’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecast. [...]

After 95% growth last year, Zenith now expects to see growth of 46% this year, followed by 29% growth in both 2017 and 2018.

By 2018, therefore, mobile will make up 58% of the total ad market. [...]

“Banner ads are much less effective on mobile devices than on desktops,” Zenith notes in its new report. “Consumers find them more intrusive, and are more likely to click on them by accident than by design.”

As such, online video and social media will be the sole sources of growth for display advertising over the next three years. [...] "

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" [...] The offerings will help improve addressable coverage across direct-match partners in media channels that include mobile, display, email, and TV.

Using Neustar’s data onboarding product, Omnichannel Onboarding, advertisers now have the ability to move beyond onboarding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) audiences to also onboard audience segments derived from transactions, such as point-of-sale data, credit card purchases, and more. [...]

The new service will be a two-pronged approach to building an addressable cookie and mobile identity pool by pursuing both paid relationships and proprietary co-op data. [...] "


#datamanagement #targeting #adtech #martech #adops

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" [...] Google is going to start storing Chrome and Google app browsing history alongside an individual’s Google account information, which catalogs what you watch on YouTube and what you search for. [...]

While many industry insiders look at Facebook with its impressive mobile revenue stream and its Atlas ad server as the de facto cross-device giant, Rob Griffin – chief innovation officer at the boutique digital agency Almighty – thinks Google could make a bigger play.

“Google has way bigger potential for being a cross-device solution than what Facebook has,” said Griffin, a former senior exec at French holding company Havas. “So much of Facebook usage is mobile-only. But Google can look at all the things they have and if they combine them, they are by default cross-device.” "


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" If publishers allow programmatic to compete with direct-sold impressions within their ad server, they needn’t bother with header bidding.

French ecommerce site Rue du Commerce saw a sizable boost in yield when it did just that. [...]

In order to improve the yield it gets from programmatic, it implemented a feature called holistic yield management in its ad server, Smart Ad Server’s SmartRTB+, that allows programmatic impressions to compete with direct-sold ones. Smart Ad Server scores a direct-sold campaign based on the likelihood that it will deliver. That score will determine if the programmatic impression can beat the direct-sold one. [...] "


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" LinkedIn is making its display ads more available to advertisers. The Microsoft-owned professional social network announced today that it has launched programmatic buying to let brands make real-time bids on display ads within their own demand-side platforms (DSPs) or third-party ad networks that are used to manage ads for other media properties. [...]

Supporting a “majority” of DSPs and even agency trading desks (ATDs), LinkedIn is increasing access to its display ad offering so that brands no longer need to fill out extensive paperwork and insertion orders just to advertise on the site — now all they need to do is enter in some simple information and creative. [...] "

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" Ad tech has been historically priced as a percentage of media, or a CPM model. This made sense for brands and agencies because they got used to purchasing ads based on awareness from TV, radio and print. But with ad fraud running wild and bot traffic wasting the industry billions of dollars, ad tech has to move from media-based pricing models to a performance-based or flat-fee model. [...]

Return on ad spend “is the purest marketing metric: Most click-focused vendors price on CPC that is not necessarily linked to actual revenue — people click on an ad, but never buy,” said Dan Rosenberg, svp of MediaMath. “Meanwhile, CPC is easy to fake. Bots can simulate clicks, but they can’t simulate actual cash payments.”

In mobile, the cost-per-action business model, where the advertiser pays the publisher for desired action, can work well, according to Amanda Mehtala, head of marketing and communications at mobile ad tech company BidMotion. CPA metrics could be cost per first ride for a taxi-hailing app, cost per booking for travel apps or revenue-share model for an e-commerce site. [...] "


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