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Hmm. Is this thing on? *tap* *tap*

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A blast from the past.

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This book is amazing.
New book on a REAL steampunk computer: 100 yr old mechanical marvel does Fourier analysis. Free PDF of entire book #scienceeveryday

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Netrunner fans: This is a whole bunch of inside jokes, but I think you'll dig the attention to detail. It was a blast putting this together with the other folks we run with in Chicago.
Shortly before we moved from Chicago to California, the folks in my office gave me perhaps the most thoughtful gift I've ever received: a custom datapack of "official" Netrunner cards, with each card featuring some memory or inside-joke from my time at Google Chicago.

The amount of effort that went into this blows my mind. There's obviously a lot of content, but the thing that makes this so special to a Netrunner fan is all the little details. For example:
  * They actually printed and folded a box exactly like the real datapack boxes. The box included not only all the cards, but also an awesome story insert, just like the real thing.
  * All of the cards make mechanical and thematic sense; they would actually "work" in the game [though some balance fixes are desperately required]. ;-)
  * Many of the cards have great flavortext, often with embarrassing-but-accurate quotes from me, such as the text on Diplomat ("At a meta-level, I'm happy that you're all so passionate about this subject."), or Laser-Focused Metrics ("It's hard to find the right balance between fair and insane.")

As you can see in the last shots in this album, these cards are now proudly on display above my new desk in Mountain View. I fully expect to be looking up at them, remembering Chicago, and grinning foolishly for years to come.

My understanding is that this was a big, group effort, but I also heard from many folks that +Jacob Matthews was instrumental in making this happen. So, thanks so much to Jacob and to everyone who contributed to this gift!

My time in Chicago marked the best four years of my life. I miss you already.
Central Time Datapack
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Of all time, of course.
Best idea for a dance show ever? Or best idea for a dance show ever of all time?

/cc +Brian Fitzpatrick 

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Even though +Ben Collins-Sussman and +Brian Fitzpatrick didn't attend OSCON they still managed to appear in the Microsoft booth.

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People are taking this USA vs. Belgium World Cup game very seriously. #NoMoarWaffles #BELUSA 

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Fermilab Today has an article about the Tevatron magnet I got for the Google Chicago office:
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