Updates for version 2.4 [http://goo.gl/2Mb4p]

• Added Gmail Compact Settings
• Added script icon (Only shows up in greasemonkey[FF])
• Shrinked font size inside the popup button menus by few pixels
• Option to add Google Reader on the User Control Button
• Option to focus the search bar when toggled
• Option to check for new updates (checks every hour)
• Added an alternative set of keyboard shortcuts
• Added a new shortcut to hide the left panel
• Compose button added when left panel is hidden
• Added a Back button in the settings page
• Added the User Control button in the settings page
• Added language Korean (Need a translator for other foriegn languages)
• Redesigned the Message Sneak Peak layout to be neat and clean
• Changed the link 'close' to 'hide'
• Fixed the User Control Button from disappearing when going to previous or next email
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