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Something new!  Today, I did all the updates, then followed up by updating my kernel.  I often have top or system monitor open on my desktop - that makes it easy to see problems before they become problems.

I am quite used to seeing one or another processor being spiked to 100% usage, while the others remain almost unused.  With the new kernel, it seems that processor utilization is much more balanced.  All four processors spike together when there is a spike.  Now and then, one spikes really high, but the other three also go up to a lower level.

I'll have to do some research, and find out what has changed!
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Paul Brown

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A Florida judge on Tuesday set bail for George Zimmerman at $9,000 and ordered a number of conditions for his freedom
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Paul Brown

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CISPA is back, and it's got to be defeated!!
This week, CISPA was reintroduced in the House of Representatives. EFF is joining groups like ACLU and Fight for the Future in combating this legislation.
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thanks for the heads up. held our own for once and must be able to do it over
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Paul Brown

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Someone explain please, why these animals are characterized as "two men"?  They are most assuredly subhuman, and lower than most animals.  They are vicious, mad animals that need to be put down, as quickly as possible.
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Paul Brown

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Well - I'm back.  Don't remember exactly how it all transpired now, details get mixed up, but I left Sabayon for awhile.  The wife wanted an upgrade from Ubuntu's LTS that no longer had updates, so I upgraded her to Linux Mint Debian, Mate desktop.  I liked Mate, and it wasn't real clear what direction Sabayon was going - so I just installed LMDE for myself as well.

After diddling with it for all these months (is it YEARS now?) I finally started running into problems.  

Instead of downloading the newest LMDE ISO, I just grabbed Sabayon's Mate desktop.  Still don't like Mate as much as I liked Enlightenment - but Mate is supported!!

Is there any chance that Enlightenment might be revived in the future?
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Cool - I'll have to do what I always do - fix my installation until it's broken!!
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Paul Brown

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Well - motorcycles are under consideration. The kid has a buddy who got one a year ago. So - the kid had to get himself one. He's been through three of them now, looking for the perfect bike. I believe he's fallen out of love with those crazy-ass crotch rockets, and he's going to try out a cruiser. Much more to my liking - and Mother's too.

Anyway, he has researched all the various V-twin machines. I've always hated V-twins, because they vibrate, they don't go fast, they are just dogs. However - there are some re-engineered V-twins that can actually keep up with my inline two and four cylinder machines.

In a couple hours, we go look at a Honda with a V-twin that is supposed to measure up to my inlines. I might just buy this thing for myself. The photos that the kid showed me look very much like my old Kawasaki KZ machines . . .
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Paul Brown

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Been busy for several days - if anyone has missed me, I'm still around. ;^)

Hope to get active again real soon in fighting the criminals of the world, including the authors of ACTA, NDAA, NPP, and other insane legislation and treaties!
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