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Matt Hippely
I am a happily married father with one daughter.
I am a happily married father with one daughter.

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I read this today:

"We're not against wolves, but we want them to stay on government-owned lands. When they leave these territories, we want to be able to shoot them," said Lutz-Uwe Kahn of the Brandenburg Farmers Alliance."

Um dude you do know they are wild animals, right. They listen and obey even worse than children.

Also, I wondered how many time he went and asked the wolves to stay off his property. I bet if he approaches all of them nicely and asks them to respect his (short term and arbitrary boundary in the evolutionary time scale of biology) boundaries surely they will understand and avoid the lines on maps that make hime feel good.

Of course now the farmer guy must make and distribute the maps to the wolves and teach them to read them. He could start cub classes with the pups. Get the next generation off to a start more to his liking.

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Lori is my brothers partner. She loves horses and nature and has brought John to a great place in life. She also has a rare form of cancer that is very difficult to treat and manage.

Please take a look at her blog and consider a donation at it will help them with some of the treatment costs. 
Lori updated her blog today. It can be found here:
 She also started an online fundraiser to help with travel and medical costs for this year. the link is found here:  Any change donated is greatly apreciated.

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Umm no small business owner on NPR in the morning. You did not pay for YOUR social security. I am. You, you paid for those who came before you.

I know by is subtle but there is a difference when it comes to the bigger picture. 

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Even thought I mainly use the aperture mode with the D90 I switched to speed mode so I could make it go fast for a roller coaster shot.

Maybe I can attach it later here is a photo op with Minnie. 

I wonder if this has anything to do with their loss of focus for a while and then dual efforts in the social and mobile device market.

Google Homepage Size Over Time via @wordpressdotcom

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Yeah, I have a murder cat. 

Who is doing the polling and where did they learn their math?

I was reading a recent news article that said the following: Blah blah blah and other politically charged one line zingers. Yea for rational thought and unbiased reporting. Then they said some more fluff and that "Obama is polling at 56% approval of the voters and Romney is polling at 51% of voters." What? Really? Then the author went on to say a whole bunch more of blah blah blah followed by link bait and pagination to increase the ad impressions on the website. It made me sad.

See, I much prefer the computer to do my math for me. Computers are stupid and they only do what the engineer tells it to do. If the when there is an error it is the engineers fault, not the computers opinion or inability to do simple math. But after reading it I did the calculation for myself. It was pretty simple: 51+56=107.

Silly news publications you make even less sense than the candidates you are reporting on. How can the voters who approve of candidates be more than 100%? Coupling the extreme lack of real, in depth fact checking I have seen on the front of Google News with the horrible, horrible editing or lack there of and complete lack of basic grammar and punctuation - I have less faith in journalism than I do in either political party. And there is not much not much faith for either journalists or political parties to begin with.

I am sad when it comes to thinking about whom I will vote for. After almost 20 years of voting I am still considering the lessor of two evils instead of whom will work best with others or put the average american above PAC $'s, corporate $'s and party line mantras that are antiquated, unrealistic and out of touch. When it comes to the vote in November I will do it with a heavy and sad heart. Unless both parties grow the fuck up or disband completely by renouncing the evils of their ways I will have to vote for the candidate whom will do the least amount of harm until the next cycle of fools comes along and we keep doing the same thing while hoping for a different outcome.

I think there is a reason transformative people in business like Steve Jobs do not go into government and politics. They know that the system is broken (in America at least - speak for your own country if you will). They know that nothing they can do will change that and they know that they will spend a large amount of their time spinning their wheels accomplishing very little to improve humanity as a whole because "it has always been done that way." The folks who have the ability to change things never, ever do it the way things have always been done. They can do more to advance humanity by ignoring government or other fools mired in tradition and stuck in the past by moving forward and asking for forgiveness if they need to later on. 

I guess the lesson I have learned after twenty years as an independent voter is that I will always be voting for the lessor of two evils. The only way to get past the primary's (that excludes all 40% of us independent voters - so much for taxation with out representation) is to pander to the far left or the far right. And the worst thing for our country is the far left and the far right. There are no compromises there. There is no looking at the issues holistically from the other side to get perspective and understanding - even if it does not change your opinion. There is only "Wrong" and "Right" and "Good" and "Bad". Yoda said, "Only the Sith deal in absolutes." Well, the Sith Lords and the far left and the far right in America politics. It is sad and dark times when the two leading fools in this cycle (whether by choice or convention or necessity) have zero ability to see the other side of the coin. If they can't tell me what parts of their strategy they are willing to give up to get the things most important to them, then truly, Sith they have become. 

How do you weigh the person least likely to harm America: socially, economically and spiritually combined? IDK, but I think I start by ignoring everything that is written by modern journalists who can't do simple math. 

Ok thats my Friday night rant after a tough weak where I expanded my understanding of technology by mentally banging my head against the wall while touching the following technologies in one form or another: iOS, PHP/JavaScript/CSS/HTML, Java Resin Servers and Apache2, bash and postgres.

Ok, deep breath. In, out and back to the regularly scheduled showing of Hell On Wheels with my second Jack and Coke.

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My cat pays the rent. He also catches lizards, rats and insects if you are interested in paying him with food and shelter. 

Making dinner while streaming the debates to a Bluetooth headset is pretty cool. The technology that is. The debates, they feel a bit scripted and dry. 
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