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I'm releasing a new weekend coding project. Tunalyzer.

It analyzes your iTunes library and shows aggregate play times for songs, artists, albums or years. I wrote something like it last year as a simple jscript. This is a gui application written in Python. I'm calling it version 0.5.0 because there are a few features I want to add (like Mac support), but the core functionality is there. I've only tested on Windows 7 and I don't know if the installer works for XP, but I promise Tunalyzer won't destroy your computer or your iTunes library.**

The github project page:

Download page for Windows executables (Python not required):

** Promise not valid in this or any jurisdiction. Tunalyzer may eat your last cupcake.
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I've written a short jscript that analyzes an iTunes music library and generates usage stats. (Windows only. Sorry.) It creates two top 40 lists. One list ranks artists by the aggregate number of plays for all of their tracks. The other ranks artists by the aggregate time played for all tracks. The aggregate time is calculated by multiplying the time of a track by its play count and then summing the times for all the artist's tracks. (e.g. 3 minute track played 10 times = 30 minutes play time)

This should give you a true picture of what you've actually been listening to and for how long.

There's no fancy installation. Just save the source file somewhere and then click to run. If you want to save the results, run from the command line like this:

"cscript Tunalyzer.js > myresults.txt"

Download here:
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I don't like how instant messaging clients mark me as available the second I return to the keyboard. If I skip an iTunes track while cooking dinner, I'm not really available. It would be better if clients didn't change my status until I've been back for a few minutes. I could manually change my status to away, but I don't use a computer so I can manually do stuff. I want this automated!

I've made a stab at a plugin to do this for the Pidgin client. If you look under the downloads section at the github repo, you'll find a plugin for Windows or Linux. It's totally safe to install.

[Edit: changed download link]
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