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NOT ME. Please read intro.
NOT ME. Please read intro.

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This was by far the best "unpaid" ad.
For all those people who want an ROI on all social media. Well, sometimes there is not one that is obvious. The key is trust your people or marketing company to "be your voice". Amazing things can happen.

Hello all,
If you follow me on this Google+ account, please move over to my current account under
It is here: +Warren Owen 

See you there.

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Maybe it is time to switch. I'll be looking at options when the iPhone 5 comes out.
AT&T doublespeak as it doubles its "upgrade" fee, arguing that as phones get more sophisticated, it's harder to upgrade. How the fuck do they figure that? It's harder to charge us more for a more expensive phone? How fucking stupid do they think we are? Stupid enough to use them.
(signed) Stupid AT&T customer

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted here. Sadly even longer for my blog. However, I have vowed to balance out my content consumption with new creation.

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This is a great depiction of feelings, that everyone can understand.

Dear Google,
I want to see all the spender of you daily "Google Doodles" without having to log out of my google account.

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Hurricane Irene as she closed in on the coast of North Carolina earlier. Amazing.

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Sweet!! now free

A company called offers two products, Email Unsubscribe and Social Monitor. I'm a heavy user of Email Unsubscribe. It gives you a button in Gmail that unsubscribes you from anything when you click it.

They used a "fremium" model where you got a limited functionality version for free, and the full version for a monthly fee. But now they give it all away free starting today.

I was a paid subscriber, and they're even refunding the remainder of my money.

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Much needed vacation. San Diego is wonderful!
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