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Paul King
I write, fix computers, ride motorcycles, do landlording, am a programmer, write occasionally for goodandevo and pocketables, run, and can mass deploy customized android tabs
I write, fix computers, ride motorcycles, do landlording, am a programmer, write occasionally for goodandevo and pocketables, run, and can mass deploy customized android tabs


Holy crap I forgot Google plus existed
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So posting this on the G+ side so maybe I can get some tech site input as there are a lot of Android tech sites on G+. Y'all know Crowdgather has basically let Pocketables die for the past two years, and then instead of selling it we're one of the last six sites left in their folder after whatever happened with the exodus happened (they had thousands of sites, now they have Pocketables, rapmusic, and a few others).

We're possibly in a play at the moment that I can get it for monies owed to me by the company (owe lawyer some beer it looks like). Failing that we might just take the authors (assuming they want to go,) and either found a new site or join up with one that needs Androidish writers/reviewers.

Eh, no real ideas at the moment, just floating where we're at and hoping someone has an incredible idea that I haven't thought of.

I didn't want to be the Pocketables editor in chief, I was just the last person to keep on writing.
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Kid crawled into bed at 2:12am with an iPad claiming bad dreams and started blasting a kid's song. iPad removed but wife let kiddo stay. She took up over half the bed, snored, talked in her sleep.

This morning she actually woke up at a normal time and I didn't have to attempt to dress a limp child. Cat exploded so I had no help getting anyone ready. Got out of the driveway at 7:44. School's at 7:45 and 20 minutes away.

Without breaking a law (of the ones I'm aware of,) I got in there at 7:59. Yeah!
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Anyone going to CES or have floorspace available for someone who will be probably only sleeping when there?
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One of the things you learn as an IT professional is that if there is a point of failure, at some point you will meet this failure. This applies to routers, switches, ISPs, things that claim 99.9% uptime, and of course children. There’s also Murphy’s law…
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If you've got an IKEA dresser or drawer, chances are good it's been recalled although due to the wording from the CPSC it sounds like it's only the MALM models. It's not. It's a crapton.

Feel free to not click my link, you can get the info here: but make sure to scroll down to the little two word link that has the full list.

Seriously, it's three pages long:

I don't need the traffic, just make sure your kiddos are safe.
The CPSC only mentions one model by name, however it looks like 50+ IKEA dressers and drawers are included in this list so if you have one go ahead and check out the full recall details. If you ever got a dresser or chest of drawer and discarded that wall…
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Root peoples question #2 - had an instance today where I needed to take a phone and wired tether it to a network. Basically we had primary ISP failure and needed to tether a network over a phone for long enough to change some DNS.

So HTC 10 -> Ethernet + gateway tether - does this exist?
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Android people - I need some help on a level of root I've not done before and I swear I'm not being duplicitous or doing this to get out of contract, I'm just trying to write everything root on the HTC 10 so I can get back to being fat and old.

I'm rooted, S-OFF, I've got my MSL, I'm SuperCID, I even have a domestic unlock code (which I'll be writing about) - the phone's even not financed as of yesterday.

What I'm wanting to do is simply slap in another already activated SIM on a different network, use it for four days while I'm in a Sprint dead zone. Then I'm back on Sprint.

What I don't know at this point is what exactly happens when I slap that next SIM in, enter the domestic unlock code - at that point does it just work, do I need to run a random PIN entry app, do demons appear and take my phone from me?

Keep in mind I've been rooting for years, but only on devices with a SIM recently
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although it's 40 days from when I started, this is about 4 hours worth of work
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Today I discovered we were in possession of a decommissioned server with the emails, phone numbers, birthdates, addresses, sex, list of spouses/kids, and a fairly decent amount of what sort of products they liked on a raid 5 array across several drives.

Oh yeah, 48 million people that database held.

Per the privacy policy of the company, that data was supposed to go when the company went. Per the law of gravity and some well applied blows with a hammer I think I effectively erased it.

Disposing of the hard drives in different locations over the next week probably are going to finish the job.

On a side note, destroying hard drives with a hammer isn't as satisfying as you would think it would be, however I could not locate a sledge hammer and I didn't want to deal with locating glasses to saw the thing in half.
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