Hey all, kind of an odd thing here. My work, which I've worked at for 12 years now, may be requiring significantly less of my services in approximately 5 months. This is a may - I'm currently working ~30 hours a week with 20 on site and 10 just doing misc server maintenance at night / on call.

Currently I do not want to leave them, and they do not want to drop me, however I'm lining up some side jobs in the event that there's just no cash come November to pay for my services.

I've been in IT professionally since 95, and started on computers as a programmer when I was 11. Currently doing Android deployment automation, managing 11 servers (windows and linux utility servers) can build a computer out of chewing gum, a 'nilla wafer, and gorilla glue. I've worked for a dotcom, a movie company, hospitals doing android deployment, a parts shop, and I run 5 rental houses. Basically, if it can be done I probably do it. I also was a janitor for a while and a manager at a game room.

Oh yeah, I also write for an Android phone-based blog.

Anyway, looking for some gigs in the Nashville area, I'd like part time as, well, I hold out hope, but am not entirely objectionable to offers as long as there are no objections to keeping my current employers running.

Ideal - someone wants some Android or laptop imaging done, it can be done Friday / nights / weekends and can be done in one shot (IE 16 hour day)
Slightly less ideal - taking over and restructuring an IT department.

Don't know... most of you know me. I'm extremely loyal and I generally find the best way to do things in IT (least expensive / most reliable) - I look very odd dressed up, and people think I'm uninterested in jobs because I'm running scenarios they gave me in my head to figure out the best solution.

Currently, my Fridays and weekends are mine, and should something requiring more pop up it can be arranged. Also, if at all possible, not looking to leave my employer. Just make sure that if they can't continue being that, that I protect myself.
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