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USA Gymnastics T&T National Chamionships

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Halloween fun
47 Photos - View album

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Colossal: Architectural Columns Constructed from Suspended Charcoal by Seon Ghi Bahk.

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Any aspiring #android   #developers  want to take programming mobile applications course on #Coursera  ? I'd like to make a circle for discussion with other students. #androiddevelopers

#homebrewers  What is your go to recipe, how many times have you brewed it, and what tweaks have you made?  #craftbrew   #homebrewchat  

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Sharing this to try later
How to install the Microsoft Office in Ubuntu/Mint GNU/Linux
I made this tutorial in Linux Mint Community:
I hope you like it, thanks.

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Saving this for the TV tonight #Nasa #Orbit
ORBIT HD: The International Space Station Orbiting Earth!
Timelapse HD Video: International Space Station ISS Orbiting Earth
Compilation of NASA timelapse footage and astronaut/cosmonaut space to ground audio communications. 
Filmmaker: "Inspired by the work of David Peterson and others, my goal was create an experience that allows us to marvel at the wonders of this world from the unique perspective of only 370km above our heads. Audio recordings in English and Russian are taken from actual space to ground communications on the International Space Station. I have included the audio clips at the beginning and end to remind the audience of the humanity that inhabits the space station. I have kept audio and title distractions away from the major part of the footage to allow the visuals to speak for themselves."

Selmesfilms: "Here is our latest video compiled from more than 10GB of International Space Station footage. I recommend you watch this on the biggest screen possible in HD with the lights off and the sound up. If you are sensitive fast motion and flashing lights be warned the crescendo may make you feel a bit uneasy. Please keep your arms inside the vehicle at all time, buckle up and enjoy the ride."

Post Production 
Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Credit: Selmesfilms

+NASA Goddard 
+Johnson Space Center 
+STEM on Google+ Community 
+National Science Teachers Association 

#NASA   #Space  #Earth #ISS #Aurora #Astronauts #Cosmonauts
#Orbit #HD #Video #Photography #Timelapse #Art #Humanity #Wonder #Awe   #Inspiration  #Imagination #International
#Cooperation #Education   #Science  #Engineering #STEM

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I want to do this!

Happy Birthday, +Miggz Martinez!

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"Always toast with a #Neubeginun "  

#homebrew   #belgiandubbel  
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