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Robyn Hill
I live to be inspired in order that I may empower.
I live to be inspired in order that I may empower.

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Seriously. I cannot be the only one out there who has made her way through the grocery aisles picking out all my favorite "snacks" because "My diet starts this week!" I'm not, right? Right?!

As I slurp on my Big Gulp, chomp on the left over Oreos (my ultimate favorite, mint-stuffed), pick through the tasty goodies my mom and MIL sent for Christmas yesterday (burp), I am mortified at how much weight I have put on since 1) moving to LA and 2) getting married. How does it happen without me noticing?!

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Put A Tampon In It
There I was, sitting in the live audience of The Voice, waiting for my favorite judges to make their appearance on the stage, screaming like a school girl, when the band cuts in for their first song and I grimace like an 80 year old man who just saw a group...

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So many changes in life calls for a new blog. I hope you'll come for a visit.

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