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Longest-held pirate captives need your help!
Longest-held pirate captives need your help!

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Maritime blogger Manu highlights Mariners Action Group's online rating form for maritime employers. Please have a look, suggest improvements that occur to you - and use the form to record your experiences. It may help another seaman avoid a bad situation.

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Piracy survivor tells his story in CBC radio interview today:

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Dig the new cover photo - it's by Christina Sun, a MAG member and gifted maritime artist. See Christina's site at

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THE CHAIN LOCKER blog updated! Banquo's Ghost & the US Merchant Marine

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PIRACY NEWS updated! South Korean sailors freed by Somali pirates after 19 months in captivity - shows what can happen when shipping companies and governments cooperate and don't give up!

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MV Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group Petition is up! Check it out here:

Have a look and sign it if you can. Tell your friends - tell your shipmates. Let's push this for all we're worth!

This is the first of what we hope will be many petitions on behalf of the hostages. Other petitions can be directed to other targets, and can make additional points, so please let us know how YOU would word or direct a petition! We'll take all your comments into consideration to strengthen and sharpen future efforts.

Sign & spread the word - God bless you and the MV Iceberg 1 hostages!

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We're continuing to develop the website; a blog dedicated to the subject of piracy, and the MV Iceberg 1 hostages particularly, is up and running. None of this means a thing without your input - the weight of your membership, the wisdom of your point of view. So invest a few clicks and keystrokes, and see what you think!

If you or I were held hostage - for 2 1/2 years! - we'd want to know that people were thinking about us and doing what they could to aid us. Check out these links:

The blog:

The FB page:

My own blog, for MV Iceberg 1 hostages' history & background:


Website is up, we're getting organized; time for action. We want to launch a petition, and we need your input about a good target. Can you tell us who you think should be addressed by our first petition?

We'd need specifics about suggested petition targets - names and official titles. Also, contact information if possible, or at least good suggestions about how we could obtain contact information. 

Already suggested: the Indian Ambassador to UAE, the President of India, the shipping minister of India (is that a title or a description of his function?), the US Ambassador to UAE. 

There will be more petitions in future, as there are several places that pressure might be applied. But we want the first one to be directed toward a suitable target with some likelihood of generating a positive result. 

I know that petitioning can be hard work, and often nothing seems to happen for some period of time. So some success, some movement, generated with our first petition would be very encouraging. And that can be influenced by selecting a good target. You can help!

You can respond in comments to this post, or by any means you prefer. Comments can be left on The Chain Locker blog, as well - I'll be putting up a post there tomorrow to accept suggestion and comments.

Thanks for your help in guiding this petition!

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Mariners Action Group Full Website Now Up:

We've taken another step with the establishment of a full MV Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group website. The full website will give us capabilities we couldn't get with the membership page established just last week. 

The membership page is still there, and will continue be used to sign up members and communicate with them. But the new MAG website will be our main contact point, and we anticipate that most members, as well as people curious to learn how they can support MV Iceberg 1, will be better served by the new MAG website.

We'll be adding news and content as we go along, and members can suggest additions and changes to make the site - and the organization itself - more effective. So please have a look at the new site, and then make the commitment to join and help! Here's the link:

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"There's Men With Guns, But Piracy Is Not War [Part 1]" - Maritime Executive article about the inconsistencies and varied approaches to providing armed security to civilian ships passing through pirate waters. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but even in this we've seen very little international cooperation. I'm wondering if better cooperation in the area of prevention could lead to cooperation in freeing hostages already taken? 
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