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So you guys like when I'm concerned and say it nicely, not big on sarcasm, don't like paperwork. Got you, will do :)
“So you guys like when I'm concerned and say it nicely, not big on sarcasm, don't like paperwork. Got you, will do :)”
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I presume firing 2 to 4000 creative rockstars replaced with imported cheap labor massed produced by 3rd world Universities is one way to scale excellence. Now Adobe CEO's teaching the way at  #Stanford .
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Let's hope nobody actually believed Adobe knew anything about the future of HTML5 all along. They still do not today. I have been consistent since 2010, #HTML5  is merely a scam so we can swallow the ban of Flash. Let's not blame Adobe, they are in the business of selling you the tools you ask for. Ask for a 8mn camcorder to build apps, we will get a nice 8mm camcorder. Sometime I like the simplicity in the Indian way of doing business, you know what to get and who to blame for it. YoursOurselves. They can also do great stuff,  we just be great and ask for it.
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I still cannot believe Steve Jobs threaten the CEO of Palm of a bogus patent attack for refusing to conspire to screw not just Apple's and Palm's employees, but more than 100,000 other tech workers from Adobe, Google, Walt Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Intuit, among others.

The CEO of Palm told Jobs "I won't do this to my employees", to what Jobs replied by saying that Apple will use its patent portfolio to start an attack on Palm. He added "I’m sure you realize the asymmetry in the financial resources of our respective companies... We will both just end up paying a lot of lawyers a lot of money".

 Mind blowing! Reminds you something? Apple vs. Samsung, anyone?
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We will see
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Oh hell no, Apple! What do you mean, motion to file under seal? I have a blog to launch with the result of three years of research to show the public how and why the ban of Flash and push for #HTML5 have been the biggest antitrust and corporate bullying scam in he entire history of the Internet. That blog is called for a reason. I want the documents, all of it. We want to show the public Apple Steve Jobs in all his splendor.
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Working on getting out the door and boy I just can't keep up with all of Silicon Valley scandals hitting the fan one after the other, now Apple shareholder sues Apple's executives and Jobs' estate over the illegal hiring scheme orchestrated by Steve Jobs screwing 100,000+ Silicon tech employees! The lawsuit claim Jobs has dramatically hurt Apple's reputation and damaged the entire Valley's ability to innovate beyond repair. I am telling you, Occupy Silicon Valley is around the corner. Brace yourself!
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Anything I can do to help, just shout.
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In case we need a reminder... there are more idiots than rockets scientists in this world. #HTML5 #OCCUPYSILICON
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That is really not new. Nobody caring because nobody seeing what it means, isn't either. What's funny is that we need blogs from the other end of the world to tell us. Says a lot about so called tech "press". It's time for some #CitizenJournalism.
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Fun look back at my ‪#‎ProfessionalJourney‬. Create yours now! … via +SlideShare 
As a technical architect and software engineer, I spent the last decade helping fortune 500s and disruptive startups innovate in the digital and social media space. I helped technology companies develop robust and scalable cross-platform applications, eliminate R&D development silos, and overcome browser and device fragmentation. I also helped entertainment and marketing companies deliver immersive digital experiences, combined with digital conte...
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This is the full transcript of Steve Jobs' deposition in the ongoing #antitrust lawsuit over the iPod and iTunes. Six months before he died, Apple's then-CEO was asked questions aimed at determining whether the company broke antitrust laws in the early days of the digital music industry. This case is related to Job's anti-Flash crusade. The events took place in parallel to Apple's ban of Flash and its attempt to ban Adobe AIR, which was stopped by the European Competition Commissioner as part of an EU/FTC international joint preliminary antitrust investigation triggered by Adobe's formal complaint. Apple's lawyers refuse to release the video, even though it was shown at the trial earlier this month.
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This video is the true reason Apple started a vendetta on #AdobeFlash, and banned the greatest technology in the history of the web. Scared to see Flex take over their AppStore and iTunes from the browser. It is Joaquin Almunia, the competition commissioner of the European Commission, who put an end to it and started a join preliminary antitrust investigation of Apple with the FTC, following the change of term of services banning Adobe AIR, which is Adobe's response to the ban. The EU Commission constrained Apple to support AIR so we can port our Flash apps to iOS on AppStore. As Flash 11 started to really deliver on mobile, the ban of Flash was the number 1 customer complaint from iOS users, and Apple started to lose the face. That is when a secret deal behind the curtain took place. Adobe's CTO was hired as VP Technology by Apple, Adobe killed Flash on Android, in exchange of what Apple made AIR a rockstar on iOS. The Olympics apps were build with Flash, Flex and delivered with AIR on both iOS and Android. With each release of AIR, we have been able to do more than was ever allowed on the platform even for Objective C developers, such as loading code at runtime. By May 2014, there has been one billion Adobe AIR installs. By July 2014, the number skyrocketed to 1.4 billion. AIR got the CES 2014 award for mobile app development technology. But what does this mean? It means Apple killed the web with the complicity of Adobe, and put a 30% tax on it. Beside being the closest to fascism since Hitler burning books in the street of Berlin, it is also racketeering in the court of US law.
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Yes it is. I anticipate trends, I do not follow corporate bullshits, they pay me to show them how to innovate, 2 to 8 years ahead on industries so far. I am not in this trade to play "pretend" making apps and merely build fancied up websites that will break for 25 to 50% of my client's users.

#HTML5 is a scam, anyone who believes it is the future has been living under a rock for the past decade, with no knowledge or experience with the Flash Platform. Not AS2, not the Flash from 10 years ago that Jobs fooled everyone to believe was still that. I am talking about the best application development technology the web has ever seen, still today. If anything else was remotely close to deliver the same, I would have been among the pioneers. As I did with HTML and CSS, I worked on converting from table based layout to pure CSS pixel precise positioning. Except that was in 2002.

Plus, where I come from we do not let authority fuck us over. We cut the head of a King for getting us confused with cash cows. Here in the US, megalomaniac executives are so confident that nobody will say shit that people like Steve Jobs are not even afraid to threaten their competitor of a bogus patent attack if they refuse to conspire and screw over 100, 000+ tech employees, in writing mind you:

So let me show you how we can deal with it, revolution style, the French way. Ready for #OccupySiliconValley  ? ;)
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Gotta love when I say things like Facebook's going down and people start calling me crazy. Six months later the press says it, and the same people start to say "it was obvious".
The social network's future dominance is far from assured.
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  • École Supérieure des Beaux Arts
    Photography, 1992
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flexengineer, adobeflexengineer
We know what we are, but we know not what we may become - William Shakespeare
I was born and raised in the south of France, in a superb region called Provence. I moved to Paris for my first job when I turned 18, and enjoyed the City of Lights for eleven years before to move to Los Angeles in 2002. I spent the last 12 years between South and North California, helping leading multinationals and disruptive startups break ground in the digital and social media space. I am a technical architect and software engineer specialized in cross-platform application development.

I'm complex. My worst critic and my best advocate. Sometimes weird, but that is a perception issue. I do not lie, and might get upset if pushed to do so. I tend to think multidimensionally, and like to read magazines backward. I love going to the airport and take whatever flight is leaving next. I believe respect is due but trust is earned. I get bored by people who only have nice things to say. I get annoyed by people who only have bad things to say. I did not realize how romantic I am until I moved to the States. I get quickly very good at anything I want to do, and pathetically suck at everything else. I hold on my believes until proven wrong.
I develop cross-platform applications for media streaming, social marketing, live communication, and enterprise data visualization. Dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and startup attitude.
Multidisciplinary skillset encompassing computer sciences, information technology, digital media, communication, and marketing. Additional domains of interest and research include business strategy, social responsibility, psychology, and digital law.
  • Open Screen Foundation
    Founder & Executive Director, 2014 - present
  • iSocialWatch, Inc.
    Founder & Executive Director, 2013 - present
  • Beladaci Consulting
    Software Engineer, Intrapreneur - Digital Media & Social Media Specialist, 2008 - present
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