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wow, some people are so nice, ever heard of cyber bullying?! Some people need to go to D.A.R.E.!!!! Jeese!
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kreil, i think it is jeese like short for Jesus, not a name
i try not to use God or Jesus' name in vain and i didnt mean that. Sorry. I was just upset cause someone was rude to me, so I used what i learned in DARE and didnt say anything. Sorry i was just ticked off cause they told me to shut my a** up (but they put a**). It wasnt cool. And i did learn alot in DARE. I had to read my essay, but it wasnt that bad.
+Madison Kreil thanks. I just was upset, but idc. Its fine cause i know that since i walked away i am the better person. And thanks, no offense, but some essays weren't the best, or they mumbled so no one heard them. but they were all good (:
your welcome, and cool. U seem pretty nice too.
yeah-ya!!!!!!!! haha! We r friendly peeps!!! kkkeewwwlll!
ya same here. have u ever heard of the blue man group?
oh you should look them up on youtube. They r sooo funny and its cool. They play cool instruments and stuff too :D
ya no prob. They were soo cool though! seriously! They are literally blue though! its really neat!!!
ya! ikr!!! they had a twinkie bit thing.... sooo cool! I really loved it!!!!!!! lol :D and they had people in the audience come on stage.... soo cool!
yeah-ya!!!! and i have some neat videos on youtube if u wanna check them out somtime. I am genbubbles on there (my username is weird, i know! lol)
ya. and i made these days of our knives videos. They are SOO weird! lol. I luv them though cause they r crazy like me!!!!
same here... watching tv and on google+
oh ya. lol. sorry gtg. TTYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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