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Personal Advice to Freshman
Now listen here, soon to be freshman. What you are about to hear is advice coming from experience. So take note. First off: Academics This is the real big one. If you have gotten into honors courses, well, brace
yourself. A lot will be expected of you and y...

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Advice to All Freshmen
Hello freshmen! Welcome to Woburn High, and here’s some things you should all
know about high school! 1-       At first
glance, the school seems super huge, but trust me, it isn’t. It may look some labyrinth
specifically designed to make you late for class,...

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Book ! , Chapter ! #                 I
REALLY shouldn’t be taking sides but Lawrence may be right.                 That’s
not important though.                 So
finally the kids are off tonight, doing their Halloween shing-dig, things,
stuff…             ...

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Welcome To Fitzville
Book ! , Chapter  ! @             So our plan eventually came down to this.                          We are going to be always activated when it comes to our powers. That way if we sense danger, we'll be automatically ready to fight them off.               ...

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Welcome to Fitzville
Book ! , Chapter !!                 !!! Ah,
what of the exclamation points? !!!                 Anyways…                 While I
took that thought I looked over at the scene before me. The children were
standing behind me, displaying much fear and confusion...

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Welcome To Fitzville
Book ! , Chapter )             'Tis the night of the good night, it's Halloween, folks!             "The hell it is," snarled Drake as he walked by me.             Tonight I was getting everyone rounded up for tonight's plan, brought to you by Cindy Iku. Lu...

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The Book Thief Review
All in all, the film adaptation of The Book Thief was pretty
good. It caught interest, though was not found to be too spectacular in certain
eyes. It was not a bad film, no, but it was not great either. Allow
explanation. The acting and story put together w...

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Welcome To Fitzville
Book ! , Chapter (             In the end, a plan was made. They were going to simply keep a look out for anything suspicious and investigate it if necessary.             Francine just stared at them in shock. "That's it?"             "YES," said Amber is e...

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Welcome To Fitzville
Book ! , Chapter *                 Obviously
his name comes from the god damn company. He doesn’t even call himself that, it’s
just a name I gave him after the fact.                 I’m
guessing you might have another question to ask, maybe two.            ...

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Book ! , Chapter &                 One question
is probably on your mind right now; if you guys are super hero-ish, what in the
holy hell are you guys doing sleeping and playing video games and whatnot? Well
I’ll tell you what. It’s as simple as the enemy h...
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