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Countdown to launch day - I know where I'm going to be!

Writing some code. Living the dream.
True, true.

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The 2012 Utah Shakespeare Festival's Green Show.
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Less than 48 hours left in our Kickstarter campaign! There's still time to pledge: help us reach those stretch goals!
We'll be releasing for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows later this year!

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Just passed the 10k pledge for MbN - YES! I'm sure that's due (in no small part) to this article on a quaint site called "kotaku".

There's still 4.5 days left and every cent we get above our goal goes back into the game. We've got some cool stretch goals that I'd love to get the chance to work on.

Thanks again for all of your support - we really couldn't do it without you!

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Magnetic by Nature: Awakening is live on XBox Live Indie games! It's only 80 MSP - pick it up today!

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Magnets - HOW DO THEY WORK?! Pledge toward our kickstarter and find out!
(NOTE: No actual knowledge of magnets, how they work, or their inner science-y goo is claimed)

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Polygon did a nice cover of Ragnar Tornquist (voted 'most epic name ever' by Tripleslash Studios) and what convinced him to go indie. A few members of my team met up with him at GDC - he's a very down-to-Earth person who was willing to shoot the breeze with a couple newbies for a few hours.

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Our kickstarter passed the 25% mark just a few hours ago - WOOHOO! Thanks again to EVERYONE who has supported us - whether by pledging funds, sharing a link to our kickstarter or simply with encouraging words of support. You guys are the BEST!
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