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The best offense is a good defense. See why security teams are choosing Splunk to ward off threats:

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The Hero
Mobile Photography. It's been around for quite some time now. Ever since they started slapping decent cameras into mobile phones, people just started using them. Arguably, it became mainstream with the introduction of the iPhone and the emergence of social ...

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Going Back
Cheers for 2014! #GoodJobGrowingUp For the past couple of years I have been writing my year end
thoughts. Missed last year’s and I don’t even remember not doing it. Guess I
was too busy with the wedding preparations and thought I would always get back
to it...

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This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends

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tree's been up for a while. about time for some snapshots.
Christmas 2014
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Ma all time favorite BATMAN
Animated Photo

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watched the cartoons as a kid. been re-watching the old episodes lately and the stories are still awesome!
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