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Sameera Irfan
I'm an Oculoplastic Surgeon ,Pediatric Ophthalmologist & Strabismologist
I'm an Oculoplastic Surgeon ,Pediatric Ophthalmologist & Strabismologist

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Food for Thought:

ARE WE A GROOMED NATION ? If not, who is to be blamed???

I am a Pediatric Ophthalmologist; whole day, young parents visit me with their kids with complaints of eye strain, squinting, poor vision. The underlying cause is spending too much time on mobile phones, I pads, laptops and TV.

It makes me wonder who is grooming these kids.? Who is teaching them values of life, good social skills, etiquettes?

Whole day, kids are at school with a class full of 30 plus students, under supervision of one teacher. That teacher has a huge task of completing the syllabus so these kids attain good grades ( as the school 's repo is dependent upon its high achievement rate) . Also, parents' main concern is about the grades of their kids and not their social behaviour. So teachers can't be fully blamed for not having time to groom a full class of kids!!!

At home, they are spending their free time as mentioned above, then what is the role of parents in their child's life???

Unfortunately fathers are busy in earning and providing for their family. They come home after a long day and want a peaceful quiet time. Most of them are totally oblivious what their kids do whole day!! ( so they are again not taking the responsibility of grooming their children as they don't have time!!!!) On weekends, they also want a social life and entertainment.

The only person left is the MOTHER!
Her pivotal role in a family cannot be questioned! SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON ON WHOM THE ENTIRE GROOMING OF HER KIDS and LATER OF THE WHOLE SOCIETY DEPENDS!!! But is she doing her job? Is she fulfilling her very important role ???

When I look around at today's youth, I get frustrated, disappointed and totally dismayed. I witness bad behaviour on streets, parks, roads ( while driving), and at all public places. It makes me wonder where are we heading.
These young girls are our future mothers and these boys are future dads. Are these young people going to be responsible adults.
No doubt they will achieve high degrees, accolades but what about their social skills!!!
Is TV and Internet teaching them those...... as that is their main source of information regarding LIFE!

The idea of this post is that it's high time we wake up! Whether we are grandparents, parents or teachers, we are responsible for what kind of adults and a society we are creating: a totally self- centred, money minded, snobbish , greedy society!
If we start grooming one young person today, that young person is going to uplift one family, a generation and ultimately a society!

So please: WAKE UP my friends! Stop laying the blame of social annihilation on others . Take responsibility, Take Action!!!

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Just an amazing photo by a brilliant Ophthalmologist, Dr. Sarbjit Singh.

I have added Blog posts on my website:, titled, "How do I know my child needs glasses", "I have noticed squinting of eye in my child"

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