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Kittin Ninetails
Kittin is a role-playing character in Second Life
Kittin is a role-playing character in Second Life

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More Updates Coming
I've several more updates planned for my Second Life products.  Today, I've been re-working the puddle in the Tinkler.  There's a feature that's been requested many times that I'm adding, but it's making me re-think how the whole clean-up system works.  It'...

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Tempus Fugit!
Wow, how time flies.  It's been forever since I've updated a post here.  What have I been up to? I spent some time away from Second Life, playing Elder Scrolls Online .  I've been keeping my products up to date, but haven't really created anything new recen...

Updating all of my Mama-Allpa products to also be compatible with Tantra.

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Over on my block, which is flagged as adult and therefore not auto-publishing to Google+ grumble  I've been writing a few articles on Roleplaying.

This weekend I updated my Tinkler and my Pheromone detector.  From this version forward, the Tinkler will now detect when a newer one is worn and the older one will detach.

In the detector, I fixed the menu chooser so people with all kinds of funny characters in their names will still show up in the list.  I'm updating my sybian and pocket dungeon RLV capture ball to support that next.  Sei helped me out with that bit and she updated the LSL wiki to show others how to deal with crazy unicode characters in dialogs.

I put out a new Tinkler yesterday and and update to the EPT.  Now the EPT will know whether or not you're wearing the Tinkler and warn you if you don't have it on -- since the EPT won't work without it, it's kinda important to have.  =^.^=

I'm also thinking I'm going to start using G+ for more transient type of stuff like this message and keep Blogger for more long-term things like instructions, product announcements, etc.  I really like G+, but not having the option to cross-post from Blogger like I can to Facebook just because I'm flagged "adult" is really disappointing.

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Until I can figure out how to cross-post from Blogger to Google+, I guess Blogger and Facebook (via NetworkedBlogs) will still be where I'm writing my updates.
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