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joro ivanov
Co-Founder and COO at TGI Solutions Ltd.
Co-Founder and COO at TGI Solutions Ltd.


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Python Tutorial series
Hey everybody! After a long break from blogging I've decided to start sharing my experience and what I've learned so far with Python programming.  Recently I've started with web programming over Python and Flask . I've made a cool personal financial assista...

I would love to know what are the procedures for determining the Russian's jet location. #russia #turkey

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Искаш да нахраниш гладните хора на улицата - биваш арестуван. #политика #демокрация

In my opinion the situation with the migrants is getting extremely dangerous. In light of recent events in Paris, I see a huge risk from the incoming people. Strict and transparent and most of all - EFFECTIVE measures should be taken by EU! Also I can't seem to find simple enough information on why the neighbours of the people in need are not helping them, or are they? What is going on?
#crisis   #terrorism   #migrants  

Anyone got some experience in uploading vr videos to youtube? What software do you used to edit it? #youtube #virtualreality #vr

I've joined the #htc family today. To blog about it or not to blog about it...

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#elvis  !

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