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Build Elementalist (PvE): Dungeon

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Questo script necessita dell'installazione del programma base con il quale caricare questo script personalizzato. Impostare l'autoloot key nella configurazione tasti di GW2 con il tasto "F12" (al posto del logout predefinito) e attivare l'autoloot aoe nelle impostazioni generali. Happy Bags!

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Build Necromancer (WvW Roaming): Condi Roamer (al momento non lo uso più in zerg ma solo roaming per cui pubblico quella che ho al momento, per la zerg utilizzavo quella di MetaBattle)

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Build Elementalist (WvW): Staff Backline (da rivedere in alcuni punti perchè non ne sono molto convinto)

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Heya Artur, I'm here again :P
I found a solution for working with db in frontend, I thinking to create a tutorial for this, but now I'm working on auth module in frontend. Reading a backend code i try using this:
<code>$app->helpers['acl'] = 'Lime\\Helper\\SimpleAcl';</code> then i can use a SimpleAcl module, its the best way?

Hi Artur, I need help. I wanna update a entry collection from frontend, i try $app->db->update("common/collections", ['_id' => $id], $data) where $data is a collection find with collection() function, you can help me?

Artur why i can't use this?
@thumbnail('media:filename.png', 600, 300)

I would like to thank Artur (and others if exists xD) for the wonderful work he has done with Cockpit, was looking for a cms with sqlite and by chance through another site inherent to the cms has been named this wonderful cms. I'm starting to understand how it works but I still have a little bit to analyze the panel. Thank you so much with the heart <3

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