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You'd think poodles would taste better, given how expensive they are.
You'd think poodles would taste better, given how expensive they are.

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A reminder, come election time.

While giving a speech about the importance of free speech, Ray McGovern, feeling she was being hypocritical, silently stood and faced away from Hillary Clinton in protest.

He was tackled, beaten up, and handcuffed by security a few feet from her. She clearly saw this happening, and continued her speech uninterrupted.

I'm not voting for Trump because he's trump. I'm not voting for Hillary because of that incident.

I urge everyone to vote, but for neither of them.

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I'm told this says "Fuck the Color-blind."

Which would amuse me.

But I'm color-blind, so it just looks like dots. Can someone with color vision please verify the content for me?

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I heard a while back that the U.S. Navy was going to name a new ship after Harvey Milk. But now, I've heard that they're going to name an oiler after him.

That makes me extra happy.

Because the Harvey Milk will be traveling the seven seas, giving oil changes to seamen.

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So, I'm employed again - with the company that previously had to let me go. I am happy.

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Please vote Bernie Sanders. Not Hillary, or whoever the Republicas come up wity. He cares about doing the right thing for us, not about getting reelected. He's a good guy.

These are the muslim people I know. Here is what I think of when someone mentions Islam.

I am not religious, but I am a person of faith. This is a good work. I gave money, even though I just lost my job.
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