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Dear Python community,

this year in June we will hold PyCon Singapore 2015. We are now looking for proposals for talks and tutorials. If you live in the region and if you do cool things with Python, please consider to submit a talk:

I don't think that anyone in this group is active, but here is our call for proposals for PyCon Singapore 2015:

On iOS, when I click a link, it opens in some kind of internal browser. There I have an option to open the link in Safari, where I can finally save it to Pocket

This workflow sucks. Is there a way to skip the internal browser and open the link in Safari straight away?

Why do you use Google+?

I started using it, hoping that it would overcome Facebook and Twitter, so that I can use one tool for everything (personal and professional life). In terms of features and usability, G+ is better than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Unfortunately, people didn't see this and just sticked to Facebook and Twitter, therefore G+ is currently completely useless to me and I don't really know why I am here.

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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |
|    IN CASE     |
|        OF          | 
|   HACKERS   |     
| _______| 
(\__/) || 
(•ㅅ•) || 
/   づ

I was pwned in the big Adobe data breach.


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Nice! The G+ app was finally updated for retina and iPhone 6+.

Watched Under The Skin last night. I don't know man. 10 years in the making and this is it? I'm not really impressed.

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Fucking IPN simulator does not include `charset` although PayPal docs claim all their requests include it...

Two years later and working with PayPal's API is still a god damn fucking nightmare...
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