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Healthy mind #randompost
Hey hey. It's me again. Finally after a longgggg time, I'm back to this blog. I wrote my last post back in February and now it's December already. Time flies (why I always write this on my every post?). Anyway, I had the thought to delete this blog sooo man...

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Blue Valentine
I am sad. I thought I was okay but I am not. Even the sky feels so gloomy today. I wonder if they know what I feel now. I know that today should be a happy day where people spend this special day with someone they love; family, lover, friends. But today, I ...

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Share Your Love
How do you feel after you share/give something to someone? I bet you feel HAPPY and that's how I felt today. The moment when those person smile and say thank you to you is one of the happiest moment. It felt so warm in the cold rainy day like today. This ma...

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Finding Myself
Hi guys. Long time no see. It's been a long time since my last writing. How are you guys? A lot of things has happened since my last post. New semesters, new classes, new classmates, new teachers and now new season. Autumn has come. Rain starts to pouring d...

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Last Day of IFW 2015

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Albert Yanuar - ALGARRY
Okay so I think that I need to separate this fashion show from others. It started like other fashion show before. Pieces by pieces walked on the runway. Then suddenly the show started to wowed people with their amazing transformations. The surprise didn't e...

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IFW 2015 Day 1
Hi guys! Right now I am waiting for my flight back to China and I have to wait 10 hours right now. I am tired from the all-day-walking, my feet hurt but today was fun and memorable. In this opportunity (while I have super fast internet with me now), I am go...

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Fashion Story
Every people has their own story, so does the design. Each of designer's collection has their own story to be told through their designs. It makes them unique and different. One thing that I believed, all of the story behind those designs are good stories. ...

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6 months have passed since Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 ended. I know I have delayed this post for a long time. I can still remember how crowded the event was. Lots of amazing and creative designs were exhibit there. More varieties of what we could see there...

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A Brief Story
One moon, two moons had passed. Another year passed and now we are in 2015. 2014 was the most amazing year in my entire life. Why? Lot of things happened in that year. I became IFW 2014 blogger, graduated from high school, found my love one and started my u...
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