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I Want To Go To The Museum.
Beyonce’s Grammy 2017 performance left many in awe.  She graced the
stage with a mom-to-be glow dawning a crown that was almost an exact
replica of the Black Madonna.  Given Queen Bey’s influence, I suspect
that this will mean more trips to museums natio...

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Cheerios Are A Brand, I'm More Complicated.
       I feel like everyone
wants to tell you about how to be a butterfly but they neglect the caterpillar
and ignore the cocoon.   Those stages of
our lives are important because they determine which type of butterfly we will
become.         The transforma...

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Brand New
     Slow glances over shoes only worn by girls in magazines.  Catching snares from sales clerks who have learned to value everything in the store over me.  I rummage through the contents of my raggedy purse, in which I carry my entire life.  The old me fad...

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Sounds of Strength
     I no longer want to hear the voices.  I used to take comfort in the distraction.  I craved disruption.  The stirring up and upheaval taking me off task and sending me into worlds I could visit without having to participate.  Now, I desire to be present...
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