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Maybe I'm not in the loop, but I've never heard of this company before. I wouldn't mind checking one of these out.
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There are a lot of companies producing tablets in this price range. I have been tempted to try them out but the problem is that all the companies that do reviews tend to review the devices of the big names but you get no idea how these devices compare to the better known ones. I would not be at all surprised if in some respects they even surpassed some of the big names.
I would definatly try and find some user reviews before I buy. I made the mistake of buying a smartphone made by a smaller company without doing any research, turned out it was the company's first ever smartphone, and wasn't Often they're very buggy and not compatable with as many apps as bigger names.

(Also, most companies that do reviews get paid by the reviewee, they're not always the best source.
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