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Supah Sweet
toolz: A functional standard library for Python.

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I'm terrible at ties. It is my goal to now become tie ninja.
A Demonstration of How to Quickly Tie a Tie ‘Like a Ninja’

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Hedgehog Inadvertently Plays a Respectable Measure of Jazz Just by Walking Atop Piano Keys

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Interesting talk, an analysis which I haven't heard before
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Good talk on the basic properties of deep learning: Signal and Image Classification - Stephane Mallat Technion lecture
The interesting message is that you would not easily get the results of Deep Networks by approaching the problem theoretically only. These results are 10+ years old and have been obtained by studying neuroscience, and other disciplines, and applying the most promising and evident models.

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Too cute to not share
Tiny Baby Hedgehog Tries To Mouth A Human’s Finger

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I wonder what sort of harmony they're attracted to
Spiders tune the silk threads of their webs like guitar strings! 

They use the different vibration frequencies for location purposes, to find their mate or a meal. 

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How can these guys justify this to their constituents? This is a direct choice between putting money in millionaires' pockets and putting it in the hands of the average college student. Republicans have made their choice - how can they legitimately claim to be champions of the working class?

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I hope this guy realizes what's happening before he hurts himself
How do I find the longest palindrome in a string? #LoL #Programming

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Thinking of making the switch -

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