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"Blah, blah, blah..."
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Self: 10 Years On
Growing up, I'd always wanted to write TV and film. I think watching Joss Whedon so effortlessly put together Buffy the Vampire Slayer was so inspiring in that regard. It's why I decided to pursue film making at college - where I made my first footsteps out...

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The 28th Birthday
No way - it's 10 years since I turned 18! Blimey. This year was a pretty low key birthday. I enjoyed it a lot - see below for a run down of what happened - but I have to admit that I felt a tiny bit let down by some friends. Even my family left me feeling c...

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"When I Have Some Money..."
I just don't know when I have it good! Let me expand on that. A couple of years again I had a secure job working at a high profile cinema chain, and it paid well. I quit because I wanted a new challenge, and - yes - I wasn't entirely happy there anymore. Bu...

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Bizarrely Named Adventure!
Those cheeky chappies at Big Finish have announced a new Torchwood audio drama coming this June. It's called torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor (yes, really!) and features Naoko Mori as Tosh. The cover & synopsis: WARNING: The unauthorised reproduction or distribu...

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Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day - time for a song! Good old Mr Bowie there. I loved the version used in Lazarus , too. It's been a while since I spoke on here about relationships, and today seems an apt time to bring the subject matter up again. As it stands, I'm sing...

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Zarjaz 2000AD Saturday
I'm writing this still a little giddy from the day I've just had. I ventured across town for 2000AD's '40 Years Of Thrills' birthday bash; taking in a number of talks, and meeting some fabulous comic book creators. Pretty much without exception, I found eve...

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Anthony Garnon commented on a post on Blogger.
Poor me for sitting through it!

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24 Hour Comic Book!
I set myself the challenge of writing two 22-page length comics each month across 2017. So far, I've successfully tackled January. Moving on into February, I realised that I had an all-out action issue of Darkened Avenue planned ("Justice"), virtually in 'r...

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Lots Of Family Photos
I was back home in Manchester this past weekend, celebrating my nephew Jamie's birthday. Shamefully it's the first time I've been around for his big day since 2014! Last year I was so skint that my money couldn'the even stretch to the return journey tickets...

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<i>Groundhog Day</i>
What a great film. Writer Danny Rubin has thought up such an utterly fantastic concept, that's fun, sad and unexpected. Weatherman Phil Conners visits the town of Punxsutawney to report their annual February 2nd 'Groundhog Day' tradition. He's a cynical, di...
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