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Progressive Automations
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Progressive Automations manufactures and distributes linear actuators and automation products with unbeatable prices, quality and customer service.
Part of being number one means we help you be number one. That's why our philosophy is 'we grow if you grow'. We're willing to take you from the design stage of your project right to the end.

Our customer-friendly online network allows you to :
  • Post your project videos
  • Find answers to all those burning questions
  • Link to our website
  • Participate in our education network

When you choose us, each product we offer comes with:

  • An unbeatable, 18-month warranty
  • Same-day shipping on everything in stock
  • No duty taxes anywhere in North America
  • Bulk and university and college discounts!

Custom Orders

We know how unique each and every project can be, so that's why we offer our custom linear actuator service. If the actuator you need doesn't exist, we'll custom create it for you. Give us your specifications and we can provide you with a solution that fits perfectly for your project. Get in contact with us for more information.